7 Savvy Hacks for Girls Who Want to Start Saving $50 a Month ...

Alicia Fannin

7 Savvy Hacks for Girls Who Want to Start Saving $50 a Month  ...

Would you love to have an extra $50 a month? There’re many things you can do to help you have more money in your budget. Use the extra to pay bills, save for school or plan your dream vacation. It’s up to you. These’re little tricks you can use to save $50 every month.

1 Shop at the Back of the Store

Do you know where the best sales are? They’re at the back of the store. I promise you’ll find better prices the further back you go. Make it your habit to shop from the back of the store to the front rather than from front to back. You’ll be amazed at the steals you can find when you shop this way.

2 Ask Yourself This Question

Ask yourself this question whenever you’re getting ready to make a purchase. Do you really need whatever it is you’re buying? Maybe you do. Maybe your mascara is dried out or you’re making it on 2 worn out pair of jeans. But if you’re buying your 100th bottle of coral nail polish it may be a luxury rather than a necessity.

3 Give up Your Iced Coffee

This may not be your habit. For me it’s a treat I really enjoy. Whatever it is that’s eating at your bank account on an all too frequent basis, consider giving it up. Maybe you can make it at home if it’s a treat like iced coffee or only treat yourself once a week. This can actually add up to savings of more than $50 a month.

4 Stop Wasting Things

Waste equals throwing money in the garbage. And while it’s impossible to completely cut out waste, you can do a lot to cut down. Things like making sure you use up your eyeliner before you buy another one is a way to cut waste. If you’re out on your own, watch your electric and water usage. The savings could really surprise you. It may sound a little dull but it can be fun to see how much you can save by cutting down on what you waste.

5 Decide What’s Worth the Splurge

I think we all need splurges in our lives. Don’t you agree? But some things are worth the splurge and some aren’t. What you choose to splurge and save on will vary from others and that’s okay. For me, I love to splurge on things like vacations, high end hair products and quality dark chocolate. But I’m careful to save on other things by clipping coupons, buying generic or buying in bulk.

6 Get Wardrobe Staples at Target

It’s completely understandable that you have brands you love. I do, too. But carefully consider what you really want that’s brand name. A lot of your wardrobe staples such as solid ts, socks and joggers to lounge in can be picked up at Target or even a dollar store. You may find you love wardrobe staples from those stores. This’s another way to save help you save $50 a month.

7 Combine Errands for Fewer Trips

I live in a rural area so I don’t want to drive into town constantly. That can run into a lot of money spent on gas. You can save money each month by combining errands so that you’re making fewer trips and saving gas. Carpooling helps save this way, too. All of these little tips can add up to save you $50 a month or even more.

These’re 7 tips to help you save $50 each month. Which ones are you going to try? I’d love to hear your savings tricks and tips too!