Hacks to save Money at Starbucks for Girls Who Are Trying to save ...


Hacks to save Money at Starbucks for Girls Who Are Trying to save ...
Hacks to save Money at Starbucks for Girls Who Are Trying to save ...

The struggle is real: you love your daily Starbucks fix, but you've also got rent to pay, right? No worries. Even the most budget-conscious girl can have her Starbucks, without getting too spendy. Here's how.

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Skip the Steam

You know Starbucks drinks are always way hot, right? So why not skip the latte, and order a triple-shot of espresso in a big cup, then hustle over to the cream and sugar counter and fill the cup with cold milk? It works for iced latte, too.


Rules of the Refill

If you'll be spending some time at Starbucks, this refill rule can save you a ton of cash: treat yourself to your fave drink the first time, then refill with plain coffee as you want it for just 50 cents a cup. Of course it's only good for the same visit, but it's a lot cheaper than buying multiple lattes, right?



If you bring your own cup, you'll save ten cents. It doesn't sound like much, but it adds up: that daily dime will save you the cost of a latte each month. One "free" drink a month, just for bringing your own cup? Yes please!


Want Water?

If all you really want is water, skip the bottled water at the counter and ask for a cup instead -- their water on tap is free, and it's actually really tasty! They triple-filter the water inside their locations to make better brew, so you know it's just as good as whatever's in the bottle.


Join the Club

It's totally free to join the Starbucks Rewards Program, and if you do, you get a free drink on your birthday. Also, if you're a member, the coffee refills are free, instead of 50 cents. Bonus! Join at starbucks.com and start saving little gold stars, stat. Bonus: the more you use your card, the better the rewards.


Go Short

Did you know that besides the tall, grande, and venti, there's also the "short" drink size option? It's less expensive, since it's smaller, but according to my local barista, the espresso drinks, like the lattes and capps, contain the exact same amount of espresso as the tall. You'll just get less of the steamed milk.


Sharing is Caring (and Cheaper)

Rather than you and your bestie each ordering your own tall drink, why not order a venti, which is exactly twice the size as a tall (12 ounces vs. 24 ounces), then pour half into another cup? You'll save about a buck apiece doing it this way, and honestly, it's kind of fun to share with a friend.

Can you think of other clever ways to save some cash on your daily Starbucks fix? Please share... I need to know!

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