Top Ten Reasons You Should Thrift First for Budget Friendly Gals ...


Top Ten Reasons You Should Thrift First for Budget Friendly Gals ...
Top Ten Reasons You Should Thrift First for Budget Friendly Gals ...

There are so many reasons to shop at thrift stores! I love thrifting for clothes in particular, but also for furniture, pictures and books. If you need something for you or your home, a thrift store likely has it. For pennies on the dollar. Don’t believe that you can get good stuff at a thrift store? Here are my best reasons to shop at thrift stores.

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It’s Cheaper

That picture up there? Yeah, brand new, never-been-worn chinos originally for $98. I bought them for $3. I don’t care if you have just $20 a month to clothe yourself and a couple of kids or if you can afford designer clothes, thrifting will make each and every dollar go so, so much further. That's one of the best reasons to shop at thrift stores.


It’s Better for the Environment

Did you know that the fashion industry is the second biggest environmental polluter? (Number one is the oil industry.) And that western countries create SO MUCH second-hand clothing that our thrift stores and charity shops must get rid of up to 85 percent of it in either landfills or sell it to developing nations? And the clothes that end up in, let’s say, Africa, are destroying the local fabric and clothing industries? We, as a culture, are binging on cheap clothes and it’s not healthy for anyone.


The Thrill of the Hunt is Real

You know how good it feels to find something that just looks great AND it’s a good price? Well, if you like that (and everybody does), thrifting is FOR YOU. Those Ecco boots up there? $5. I almost wish I was making this up.


Thrifting is a Great Skill to Teach Your Kids

Here’s the thing, thrifting is a skill. It’s not hard, but it does take time and a little bit of effort to learn. And do you know who can really benefit from learning how to save some money on clothes and furnishing an apartment on the cheap? Your kids. Give them $10 and an hour and see if THEY can do their back to school shopping. It’s a great activity to do together and teaches independence and the value of money.


Get Better Clothes in Your Price Range

On a budget, but like to look good? You can dress yourself in head-to-toe J. Crew or Anne Taylor for under $20. You can fill your closet with high quality name brands, if you like.


Dress How You like to Look

If you shop thrifted clothes, I promise that you will have no problem dressing your truth. Not sure what your truth looks like? No problem!


Experiment with Your Clothing with Little to No Guilt!

Want to try a new look, but afraid of spending the money if you hate it a week later? It’s ok – it was $10. Take it back and get a tax write-off.


Dress Your Kids Well, and Don’t Fear the Mess

As a parent, you want to dress your kids well, but if they ruin their expensive clothes – God help them. With thrifting you can dress them nicely, on trend (because kids grow out of clothes so fast, most barely get worn) and let them have fun and ruin those pants. Because they were a buck and you can find more.


It’s an Inexpensive, Environmentally Sound Hobby

How many of those can you find? Much less afford if you are on a budget and have limited time?


It Can Be More than Just Clothes

Most of the inventory carried by thrift stores is clothing, but it can be so much more. Furniture, home-goods, books, toys – keep an eye out, and you might just find what you have been looking for – at rock bottom prices.

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