10 Ways to Stop Buying Shit You Don't Need ...


10 Ways to Stop Buying Shit You Don't Need ...
10 Ways to Stop Buying Shit You Don't Need ...

Thanks to the current overloaded of advertising and commerce these days, it is fair to say that every single one of us owns items and products that we know deep down we really don’t need. Just imagine how much more money you would have in your account if you only ever stuck to purchasing the basics and essentials? Of course, I’m not saying that you should treat yourself every now and then, but if your shopping pattern has started to become super frivolous to the point that it is getting you in trouble, then it’s time to reassess. Here are ten ways to stop buying shit you don’t need.

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Before you take anything to the counter or click to add it to your basket, have a long hard think about how important it actually is to you, and whether it is going to make a lasting impact on your existence.



Remember that physical things don’t always have the power to return you to happiness if you are feeling bad. Rather than trying to patch an emotional hole with purchases, try instead to get to the root of your sadness and fix that.



Having money saved away for the future gives you lots of great options, but having extra stuff in the present that you have spent that money on instead is only going to limit you and tie you down to things.



Commit to using cash only when you are out and about. This will prevent you from not thinking about prices and just whipping out your card to cover the cost. Handing over real money makes you more aware of your expenses.


Peer Pressure

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you need to buy everything that your friends have to keep up with them. Friendship shouldn’t be about competing financially, it should be about emotional support and love.



Embrace the concept of minimalism in your life, of changing your way of thinking to "less is more". You will feel lighter and cleaner overall if you have less possessions to worry about.



Stop impulse purchasing. If you see something that you like the look of and are tempted to buy it, put it back and wait three or four days. You will find that the urge isn’t as strong.



Be strict with your budgeting every month and impose sanctions on yourself if you go over it. The thought of having to punish yourself will keep you from overspending hopefully.



Something that will help to give you perspective on your over-buying is doing a big purge of all the things in your home that you don’t use at all. It will show you how frivolous you have been in the past and encourage you to be different in the future.



Practise being grateful for the things that you already have, and it might change your frame of mind in regards to continuing to add to the pile when you haven’t been that grateful up to this point.

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