10 Ways to Stop πŸ›‘ Buying πŸ’° Shit πŸ’© You Don't Need πŸ™Š ...


Thanks to the current overloaded of advertising and commerce these days, it is fair to say that every single one of us owns items and products that we know deep down we really don’t need. Just imagine how much more money you would have in your account if you only ever stuck to purchasing the basics and essentials? Of course, I’m not saying that you should treat yourself every now and then, but if your shopping pattern has started to become super frivolous to the point that it is getting you in trouble, then it’s time to reassess. Here are ten ways to stop buying shit you don’t need.

1. Importance

Before you take anything to the counter or click to add it to your basket, have a long hard think about how important it actually is to you, and whether it is going to make a lasting impact on your existence.