10 Helpful Ways to Cut Costs in Your Family Budget ...


Running a family household is a big job – its big business and its big money and with the average family, the cost of living these days is starting to cramp everyone’s style in a big way. It’s no longer enjoyable to go to the grocery store – not that it ever was, but now it’s seriously painful. A few years ago it didn’t cost this much to run a household, and sadly salaries have still to catch up to the rapid rise in the cost of living expenses.

So how can families really save money and cut back in their household budget without drastically changing their entire lives? There are a number of ways to do this, and with a bit of clever savvy and planning ahead, you will be able to shave off quite a bit of money off of your monthly family household budget.

Here are 10 tips on how to cut the cost of your family budget.

1. Groceries

This is a big slice of your monthly budget and is right up there with water and the electric bills – necessities. The price of food and basic items – never mind luxuries – is enough to make you want to sob into your empty wallet at times, but it’s not impossible to save money on your grocery bill. Leave the kids at home when you shop – you do spend a lot more money when they are with you, nagging for stuff. Make a list and only buy what is on that list and make sure you head to the store after lunch, not on an empty, growling tummy. Ignore impulse buys at the checkout (they are specifically placed there to tempt you) and use coupons. Look out for special offers but only buy them when they will really save you money. Don’t buy something you won’t use just because it’s on BOGOF. Buy on bulk where you can.