15 Easy Ways to save Money ...


15 Easy Ways to save Money ...
15 Easy Ways to save Money ...

Easy Ways to Save Money are more abundant than you might think. With the downturn of the economy, we’re finding ways to save on anything and everything. I’m no extreme couponer but I can definitely share some excellent tips for saving money with you.

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Shop Sales

Shopping smart is a super easy way to save money. This one sounds like a no-brainer, but how many times do we overpay for something at one store when it’s on sale elsewhere? Planning ahead and strategizing saves time and money!


Use Coupons

Couponing can really help when it comes to saving money. Don’t worry; you won’t look like a crazy coupon lady! You can get makeup and other necessities at a great price if you use coupons. Get a newspaper and get to clippin’!


Buy Generic

Don’t let the ugly packaging fool you, generic brands taste and work just as good as the brand name kind. Easiest way to save money! Don't ever pay a ton just for a name.



If you're looking for easy ways to save money, this is tops. Rally up some co-workers and get a carpool going. It’s earth-friendly, fun, and easy way to save. Chatting with co-workers will help the drive go by fast and starts your day off right.


Swap Magazines

There are lots of mags I want to read, but I can’t buy them all every month. Trade your periodicals with your girlfriends and keep up-to-date on the latest while saving moolah. You can also check out your faves online.


Make Lunch

Do you know how much it costs to eat out every week? Make it a habit to pack your own healthy and delicious lunch. You can easily save up to $75 a week simply by brown baggin’ it.


Pay Online

Actually, doing things online offers lots of ways to save money. Did you know that stamps went up again? Pay bills online and never buy or lick a grody stamp or envelope again, easy money saver!


Utilize Schools

Next time you need some grooming, hit up your local cosmetology school for a steep discount. If you’re worried about getting a bad haircut, get a mani or massage, you’ll be surprised at how good they are.


Reuse Bags

Save and reuse those plastic or paper bags by using them as trash bags, trash can liners, or puppy poop picker-uppers.


Avoid Fees

Using another bank’s ATM results in fees from the ATM company and your bank. Next time you check out at a market, take advantage of the cash back option to withdraw funds fee free.


Be Thrifty

You find the most interesting things at thrift stores, but there are also huge bargains to be had. If you’re uncomfortable wearing used clothes, get home items, books, or DVD’s to easily save money on extras.


Movie Day

If you want to see the latest comedy, there’s no need to wait until 9pm and pay double the matinee price. Some theaters have even better deals on certain days so go early and save!


Ditch Landlines

There are still peeps out there who have a landline for whatever reason .If you must have a landline, you can save serious dough with VoIP like Vonage. Otherwise, just stick to your cell!


Shun Machines

Avoid vending machines like the plague! They’re overpriced and mostly contain junk anyway. Keep your wallet fat and waist slim.


Stay Home

Stay home for meals that is. Cook more meals at home as another way to save money while brushing up on your cooking skills. Invite people over and take leftovers for lunch.

There are lots of painless and easy ways to save money. You can do a lot of them without changing your life at all -- just some of your daily habits! What are some of your favorite tips for saving money?

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