9 Advantages of Being a Cheapskate ...


9 Advantages of Being a Cheapskate ...
9 Advantages of Being a Cheapskate ...

Being a cheapskate can conjure up images of pocketing Splenda packets or stashing plastic baggies in your purse to get the most of your buffet experience but it doesn’t have to be that way. Nowadays, more people are being selective about what they spend money on and really, there’s nothing wrong with it! So, the next time you’re tempted to poke fun at your frugal friend, check out these 9 advantages of being a cheapskate and you might jump on the thrifty bandwagon too!

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You’re More Appreciative

Being a cheapskate, you’re more likely to be truly appreciative of the valuables you have. When you don’t own a ton of costly items, you tend to be much more appreciative of everything you own and take good care of what you have. Frugal gals go to great lengths to care for their big ticket items. How many times have you seen your thrifty friend «decorate» her fancy purse with a Sharpie a la Lady Gaga?


Your Gifts Are Meaningful

When you’re being thrifty, you can’t just dole out gifts from wish lists when you feel like it. In fact, you’re more likely to make your gifts and make something more meaningful than just grabbing a $50 gift card to Sephora. Baking your BFF’s favorite cookies or knitting some booties for your friend’s baby gives you a sense of pride and is so much more thoughtful than anything we can pick up in a store!


You’re More Creative

Practicing frugality drives you to be more creative in everyday life. Being a cheapskate in today’s economy means doing more with less, which can be challenging, yet fun! Can’t afford to take your guy to his favorite restaurant for his birthday? How about re-creating the ambience and menu at home for less? Can’t afford the fabulous colorblock clutch that you’re dying to rock? Then DIY-it, make it for less and customize it!


You’re a Master Negotiator

Being cheap means you’re constantly on the hunt for a good buy or sale. You don’t have to hussle and haggle everywhere you go, you just know when to negotiate a lower cost or know how to stack coupons and sales. Cheapskates know how to charm salespeople into getting vital info and knowing when to wait for a sale. You have to admit, there’s no better feeling than getting something you really want for less!


You Know How to Handle a Budget

Being a cheapskate means knowing how to make a budget and stick to it-something many of us don’t want or know how to do. Budgeting your money is key to paying off debt or increasing your savings and without one; you’re pretty much taking a gamble with your money each month. Savvy savers prioritize their money and track each dollar so if they have an extra Benjamin or two, they can splurge without the guilt!


You’re Empowered

One of the bigger emotional advantages of being a cheapskate is that having less empowers you. People who have less in life are often driven to do great things to improve their lives. Think of all the major power players of this century and you’ll find that most of them came from very humble beginnings and their humility drove them to reach for the stars and beyond!


You Never Pay Full Price for Fabulous

This might be the biggest advantage of being a cheapskate, you never pay full price to look like the budding fashion icon that you are! Thrifting is hot and a rad way to fine one-of-a-kind looks! Frugal fashionistas also know how to find a good sale and not pay full price for the hottest frock on the block. While your friends are regretting snatching up that bodycon dress when it hit the racks last month, you’re sitting pretty in it at 40% less.


You Know the Value of Money

Being economical obliges you to know the value of a dollar up close and personal. You won’t find a cheapskate shunning any freebies or savings because she knows that every dollar saved is a dollar more towards paying off debt, adding to savings or for a vacation. Knowing the value of money means less impulse purchases and splurges, it doesn’t have to be boring!


You Have Money

Living frugally allows you to have money left over from your earnings for savings, something special or early retirement. Have you ever thought about how much money you spend each week on extras you don’t need or can DIY that would save you hundreds per year? While being cheap might seem like a tacky way to live now, those cheapskates will be enjoying their savings later in life.

Being a cheapskate isn’t as bad as it seems, right? Being frugal is smart and a great way to get your creative juices flowing. You don’t have to go full-on cheap and recycle Ziploc bags and eat bargain 10 cent ramen every day to save money. Try incorporating one of these 9 advantages of being a cheapskate into your routine and start living cheap and chic!

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