Savvy Shopping Tips for a Successful Black Friday Excursion ...


Savvy Shopping Tips for a Successful Black Friday Excursion ...
Savvy Shopping Tips for a Successful Black Friday Excursion ...

Black Friday is almost here and that means you're probably planning your strategy for getting the best deals and finishing up your gift list. These tips are going to help you get in and get out without missing any of the big sales. Black Friday has never been so awesome!

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Make a Plan

room, home, interior design, furniture, Black Friday is such a crazy day of shopping that you never want to just go out there without a plan. Go through the ads and decide which bargains you're going to go for and plan out which stores you'll need to visit and in what order to be sure you get all the deals you're hoping to. If you're planning on a big day of shopping, write out your plan so you don't miss on the best Black Friday deals this special day has to offer.


Don't Go Alone

footwear, fashion, fur, outerwear, textile, I have only braved Black Friday once or twice, but I took someone with me each time. That way you can tag team the sales and it gives you someone fun to talk to while you wait in line. Taking a friend with you makes the big crowds a little more manageable and gives you the chance to spend some time together and have fun too.


Make Use of Social Media

person, blue, room, play, art, If you're hitting certain stores or buying certain brands, follow them on Instagram and join their Facebook page. You'll get alerts on special deals and discounts and could even score free shipping on online sales or find out about bargains before everyone else. Loyal social media followers are usually rewarded so do this before you head out on Black Friday.


Go to the Best Locations

, You might think any Walmart or Target will stock the item you're after. However, the most traveled stores in busier locations are going to have more of the special items being advertised on Black Friday. On the other hand, a less frequented store might not run out as quickly, even if they stock fewer of the item. Decide which one you want to take your chances with before you go.


Wear Comfortable Shoes and Clothes

footwear, shoe, white, purple, pink, Black Friday shopping can be an ordeal and you want to be as comfortable as you can. If I were going out on this crazy day, I'd wear leggings and a layered top with comfy flats. You want layers because you can take something if you get hot in crowded stores and leggings are great because you can move around and stay comfortable walking, standing in line and driving from place to place. Wear whatever is most comfortable for you and the whole day will go a lot better.


Get Started Early

human action, person, child, product, bedtime, The best way to be successful on Black Friday is to get started early. You will need to set your alarm and be out of bed before it's even light outside. That way you can be first in line at the stores with the best deal and won't have to worry that they'll run out of what you want to buy.


Know when You're Done

outerwear, Black Friday can be totally overwhelming with all the people, lights and huge displays. You've got to know when saving those extra few dollars are no longer worth battling the crowds and braving the long lines. Decide what you're willing to do for a bargain and when you'll draw the line. That way you can head home without worrying about a missed sale, but still score all the deals that got you out of the house on Black Friday to begin with.

Where do you plan to go on Black Friday this year? Which of these tips will you use?

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