How to save Big Money on Your Cell Phone Bill ...


How to save Big Money on Your Cell Phone Bill ...
How to save Big Money on Your Cell Phone Bill ...

If saving money is something you're striving to do this coming year, we're going to show you some simple ways to slash your cell phone bill and watch your savings grow. Let's face it, our cell phones, as much as we love and can't live without them, can put a serious dent in our bank accounts. So, follow these painless and easy tips and start saving more of your hard-earned money.

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Shop around

The first and most important step in saving money on your cell phone bill is to shop around to get the best deal. Even if your friends or family swear by a certain carrier, do your research to see what works best for your needs. Read reviews, see what phones are available, and do some comparison shopping on sites like


Look for Less Expensive Models

We all want the latest and greatest phone but in reality, the newest it phone become old news before you know it! If you don't use a lot of the fancy features on the newer phones, there's no need to spend extra for them. If you're serious about saving money, look for phones on the cheaper side. They're simple, straightforward, and affordable.


Check out Prepaid Phones

Prepaid phones are yet another to save some cash. The benefits of a prepaid phone include no contract, no surprises with the bill, and cheaper data plans than with some pay-as-you-go phones. You're not limited to the types of phones you can use, either so it's a great option to look into!


Use Apps to Save

If your plan doesn't include unlimited texting, that's another feature that can add up fast. Make use of texting apps like Whatsapp which is a free app that allows messaging to iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia phones.


Don't Get on a Contract

Cell phone contracts might seem like a good deal at the time because you can get a free phone but they can end up trapping you in the end. Stick to a no-contract deal so you have the freedom to switch carriers without a termination fee, have fewer fees overall, and you're not limited in your choice of phones.


Minimize Your Data Usage

Use wifi whenever you can and utilize apps like which help track your data usage and prevent you from overusing. Other ways to save data include limiting video calls, avoiding listening to streamed music and fast action video games.


Look for Discounts

Check to see if your employer offers a discount through a cell phone carrier. Or, if you have certain types of memberships such as AAA insurance, they offer their members a discount on cell phone plans as well. It's worth it to check!


Use FaceTime or WhatsApp for International

If you have limited minutes, try making international calls through your FaceTime or WhatsApp - anything that does not charge you. Also, if you use your cell phone for most of your phone calls, be aware of any roaming charges if you travel outside the country. You don't want any surprises at the end of the month!

Do you know of any other ways to cut back on a cell phone bill? Share it with us, we wanna know your tips!

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