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7 Little Tweaks in Your Spending Habits That Add up to Big Savings for You ...

By Alicia

If you are looking for tweaks to make in your spending habits, I can help you out. There are a lot of ways that we all spend money that could add up to big savings if we changed our habits. Many of them are things that are a part of our daily life that we don’t give a lot of thought to. If you are looking for big savings, there are tweaks to make in your spending habits that will get you on the right path.

1 Don’t Go Window Shopping

Don’t Go Window ShoppingOne of the tweaks to make in your spending habits is to not go window shopping. Many times, a person sets out to innocently go window shopping and ends up spending money they didn’t intend to spend. If you must go window shopping, don’t go with money in your pocket. Leave all forms of payment at home when you are going out to window shop. That way, you don’t have the temptation to spend.

2 Plan Your Spending

Plan Your SpendingPlan your spending before you go shopping. If you are shopping for a pair of boots, don’t venture into the jeans section. Having a plan about what you are going to spend is helpful to keep you on track. If you stick with your planned spending, you won’t have all of those extra little purchases showing up on your receipt, and coming out of your bank account. After all, if you are shopping for a pair of boots then usually that should make you feel content.


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3 Cut the Beverage Stops

If you are like most people then you make a lot of little stops during your week for beverages. It may be for a gourmet cup of coffee in the morning or an iced tea on the way home. It doesn’t really matter what beverages you are stopping for, the truth is that those beverage purchases can add up to a lot of spending. If you cut them out, you could really rake up big savings. Try making your favorite beverages at home and put the amount you usually spend on them in your savings.

4 Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk can really save you money. It is only smart to do so. Why would you purchase one of something for ten dollars when you can get two of the same item for twelve? It is always smart to figure the price per unit when you are shopping. This can add up to big savings.

5 Take Your Lunch

Take Your LunchEating out every day on your lunch break can add up to a lot of money being spent over the course of a month. If you are curious, try tracking it for a month. You will be surprised how much you are spending on this one expense. You can more than likely take your lunch from home for a fraction of the cost. Another added benefit is that it is probably healthier for you when you bring a lunch from home.

6 Eat at Home

Another way that money goes very quickly is when you eat out for dinner. Whether you are going out for a nice sit down meal or ordering takeout, it is costing a lot more money than cooking at home would. If you feel that you can’t completely cut it out, then try to cut down the number of times that you eat out or order in each week. If you do eat out, there may be a way to do it more economically by using coupons or shopping around for the best deal. This will add up to big savings over time.

7 Shop Sales First

Shop Sales FirstIf you are going out for a day of shopping, shop the sales first. Most of the time, the sales are located at the back of the store. Make it your practice to shop from the back of the store to the front for the best savings. You would be surprised how much you could save by shopping this way. You may get things at half off or more.

There are many ways you can tweak your spending and rake in great savings. What is the best savings tip you have to share? I would love to learn from you!

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