7 Amazing Benefits of Pursuing an Online Degree ...

There are several benefits of pursuing an online degree however, friends and family may discourage this move. They may feel it's better to attend classes at a nearby college or university, or they may question whether you have enough discipline to attend school online. Ultimately, you have to do what you feel is best for your situation. And if you're tired of your job and ready to move forward, online learning might be the answer. Here are seven benefits of pursuing an online degree.

1. Online Courses Are Just as Credible

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One of the benefits of pursuing an online degree is you can receive an education from an accredited university. If you complete a bachelors, masters degree or even a certificate program online, employers will recognize your degree and willingly hire you for a position. Do your research on various schools and choose one that has an exceptional program in the field you want to study.

2. Get a Education without Stepping Foot in the Classroom

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Some people pursue an online degree because they're intimidated at the idea of stepping foot on a college campus. Everyone has their own reasons for pursuing an online degree. If you're older and can't envision yourself in a classroom with a bunch of 20 somethings, online learning might work for you. This type of degree is also beneficial for people who work full-time and can't fit classroom instruction into their schedule.

3. No Commute

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If the nearest college campus is 20 minutes or 30 minutes from your house, going back-and-forth can take an hour of your time and you'll spend extra money on gas. However, with an online degree, you can complete instructions from the comfort of your home. There's no commute, no traffic or inconvenience.

4. Financial Aid is Available

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You don't have to attend a local university or college to benefit from financial aid. Many online schools have financial aid programs available to prospective students. Also, you might be able to use federal or state aid. Contact the online school's financial aid department to discuss your options.

5. Save Money per Credit Hour

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An online education isn't cheaper per se, but some online schools charge less per credit hour than traditional universities and colleges. Therefore, an online degree is worth considering if you want to keep the cost of your college education to a minimum and avoid huge student loan debt.

6. Interactive Classroom

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Then again, maybe you fear not thriving due to lack of classroom instruction. However, many online programs include interaction with professors and other students. You can collaborate on projects and speak with your professor via web telecast or online forums.

7. Study at Night or on the Weekends

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One of the best things about pursuing an online degree is that you can attend class any time at night or during the weekends. This is a huge benefit if you work full-time, have a family or have other obligations during the week. You can get your degree at your own pace.

So, whether you're looking to start your college education or continue your education, an online degree might work for your situation. Research different schools, speak with someone in the financial aid department, and then choose a program that matches your interest. What are other benefits of pursuing online learning?

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