7 Reasons Why Taking a Vacation Can Make You Better at Work ...


If you’re a workaholic, you should know that there are a lot of reasons why a vacation can make you better at work. A lot of studies show that approximately half of the respondents think about slipping their vacation or they even want to take work with them on holidays. There are also studies which show that 82 percent of small business owners who took a vacation were achieving more performances at work when they got back. You should know that burnout can damage your business and your reputation and that fatigue can make you relationships with your clients or stakeholders problematic. Here are 7 reasons why a vacation can make you better at work that you should consider:

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Your Office is Not the Place for Inspiration

One of the most important reasons why a vacation can make you better at work is the fact that your work environment is not really the place to come up with new and creative ideas. It’s actually quite hard to find inspiration when you’re in the place where you feel under pressure. That’s why a change in scenery can do wonders and it will definitely increase your productivity.


Your Health Benefits as Well

By taking a vacation from work every now and then, you’ll not only increase your productivity but you will also get a lot of health benefits. You’ll sleep better, your stress and anxiety will be lower and you’ll feel better. You’ll feel more relaxed and more energized, thus you’ll be more productive.


You’ll Give Your Brain a Break

Your brain is actually like a sponge, it can only take so much. By going on vacation, you’ll find inspiration and you’ll come up with new and more creative ideas that will strengthen your neural connections and stimulate your mental activity. A lot of research shows that the benefits of mental relaxation and the emotional stability after a vacation will put you on top of your game.


You’ll do Some Networking

By going on a vacation, you’ll be able to meet new people and some of them might even be in the same business. This way, you’ll have the chance to explore potential new markets, you’ll discover new leads, you’ll plan revenue generating ventures and even new partnerships.


You’ll Keep Yourself Happy

Ernst and Young did a survey on this matter and their study has shown that those who took more vacation time got better grades on their performance assessment at the end of the year. They had greater job satisfaction and they were more likely to stay with their company. They loved their jobs more and they were happier in general.


A Change in Perspective

A vacation can help you see things differently since it can make you see the world through a different lens. Once you return from vacation, you’ll come back to your normal life and you’ll look at it with a fresh perspective, one that you wouldn’t have if you were stuck in your office all day.


You Will Recharge Your Batteries

A vacation will help you renew your energy and your focus. You’ll lower your stress levels and you’ll feel more relaxed, happier and healthier. You’ll feel more optimistic and you’ll look at things in a more positive way. That attitude will actually inspire your co-workers too and you’ll help your entire team become more productive.

A vacation will help you find inspiration and it will create new networking opportunities that you should take advantage of. Do you know any other reasons why taking a vacation can make someone better at work? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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