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7 Reasons You Should Carry a Business Card ...

By Alison

You might think that carrying a business card is only for important people, but it can be useful for many of us. It's an easy way of giving people your contact details and will be at hand whenever they need your details. However, if you write your number down on a scrap of paper it can so easily get lost. Business cards aren't expensive, and you can even find machines that will print them out for you. Here are some reasons to carry a business card …

1 Making Contacts

Whether you're a freelancer or work for an employer, it's important to make contacts. Whenever you meet someone that could use your services or those of your company, offer them a business card. Even if they don't need you now, they will think of you if at some point in the future they could use your services.

2 Professional

Having a business card gives a professional impression. It doesn't have to be incredibly detailed, just your name, job title, and contact details. Handing a card out, rather than hunting for a pen and paper to write down your number, will make you look like a professional, even if you're just starting out.

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3 Never Know when You'll Need One

It's always worth having some business cards on you, as you never know when you'll need one. Keep them tucked away in a wallet to keep them clean; you may end up chatting to someone in a queue or on a bus who is looking for your services. People often ask for recommendations, so if someone asks if you know a hairdresser/plumber/mechanic and you happen to be a hairdresser/plumber/mechanic, you can whip out a card to offer them.

4 Future Business

Anyone who works for themselves must carry a business card. Self-employed people always need to be chasing more business; you can't rely on existing clients, as any of them may dispense with your services. Never miss an opportunity to interest a new client.

5 Exchange

Even if people you meet aren't looking for your type of services, they may be happy to swap cards. You take one of theirs to keep or pass on, and they will do they same for you. Then if someone asks them if they know a good translator or graphic designer, they can recommend you and pass on your card.

6 You're Job Hunting

Many jobs are never advertised on the open market, but are filled within a company or by word of mouth. If you're looking for a job, keep your card so you can hand it out to anyone who might know of a vacancy. They can then contact you if they hear of any job openings that might suit you.

7 Creating a Brand

Having a business card helps promote you as a brand. Your business or company needs to stand out, and you can use your card as a portable piece of advertising. If you work in the creative field, it's also a chance to show your skills.

So you can see how useful it can be to always have your business card with you. It's a small investment that will enhance your professional image and is essential to help promote you and your business. Keep a handful in your bag and jacket pocket, so that you've always got one to hand out. And check before they're printed that all the details are correct - you don't want to miss calls because there's one wrong digit on your phone number! Can you think of a creative title for your job that you'd like to put on a card?

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