8 Tips for Job Hunters and Interviews ...


8 Tips for Job Hunters and Interviews ...
8 Tips for Job Hunters and Interviews ...

Anyone who's been in a job hunter's position will know it takes a lot of time and patience on your behalf, so here's a few positive reminders and tips for all you still looking!

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Don't Give up

Don't Give up It can be very disheartening and disappointing when that interview you went for didn't work out - even more so if it was somewhere you really wanted to work and were passionate about! We've all been there, trust me.

Never give up! I'm not going to lie, it's true that there seems to be more unemployed people than jobs these days but don't let this affect your attitude or actions! Remind yourself that there's a job out there for you, just waiting and the opportunity will present itself at the right time.


Keep Trying

Keep Trying It's easy to think of job hunting negatively because it feels like you're doing exactly the same thing each time you apply for jobs, but try your best to think of each one as individuals to ensure a different approach each time. After all, each job is slightly different so that's exactly how you should think of it.

The important thing to remember is to keep trying and always know that you're doing your very best. Sometimes all we can do is try and leave the rest down to fate.


Stay Positive

Stay Positive Think of a positive outcome for every job that hasn't worked out for you so far, such as 'I'm confident there's a job out there for me' and 'I'm sure I'll have better luck at the next interview'.

This will allow you to get into the habit of thinking positively, even about situations like the unsuccesses and stresses of job hunting that can cause us to feel down in the dumps. It will also help you to be consistent over a long period of time (who knows how long it will take?) because you have a positive mindset.


Take It Seriously

Take It Seriously Think about how many people are out there right now, looking for a job and in exactly the same boat as you? Hint: it's a lot! That's why you should always remember to take it seriously, and this applies to the entire process of job hunting.

Make sure you include correct details when applying for jobs and sell yourself every chance you get. Make sure you respond to employers in a timely manner (when contacted by them) and see your job interviews through, always arriving a few minutes early and never late! And don't blow them off without giving them an explanation and a suggestion for a new interview time!


Do Your Research

Do Your Research You don't necessarily have to do lots of research for every single job you apply for (truthfully that would take a long time if you're applying for several a day) but you should always know the basics: where the company is located, what the job involves, what the pay is and hours expected to work. Any extra background information you already know is a bonus.

When you are invited to a job interview, that's when you should take your research a step further and have a close look at their website, making sure you make a mental note of facts and important dates (e.g. remembering when the store first opened, why and where).


Dress for Success

Dress for Success Make sure you dress appropriately for the position. Sometimes this is easier to work out than others. For example, for a retail position in a clothing store, dress similar to their style and brand and for a bar staff position, dress simple in mainly black. Try to keep jewellery and accessories to a limit as these can often come across as distracting to employers at interviews, but also because it's easy to absentmindedly fidget with these which is always something you want to avoid when possible.

These tactics will help the employer to visualise you working there and give the impression that you fit into that position and workplace in a natural and seamless way.


Keep Your Options Open

Keep Your Options Open It's a bad idea to put all your eggs in one basket, or in other words, relying on one job you've applied for to work out which causes you to forget about the rest. Unfortunately (and I'm sorry to have to say this) it doesn't matter how much you want the job or believe you are the perfect candidate for it because it's not guaranteed to be yours any more than the others!

Try not to spend too much time thinking about one particular job more than the rest - this is often how we get our hopes up and often feel disappointed if it doesn't work out the way we hoped.


Sell Yourself

Sell Yourself Do this every chance you get, no matter what the job entails. The employer should never know that you've been applying for hundreds of others along with their open position, which is why you should always appear enthusiastic, keen and passionate about both the position and the company itself.

Sometimes it can feel like a bit of an act to do this all the time and a charade to keep up but it's the only way to make any progress as a candidate and increase your chances of landing that job. It also helps you to connect with your interviewer more and give you a common interest.

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Very true. Positivity is the way forward!

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