if You Are a Pisces These Jobs Are Perfect for You ...


 if You Are a Pisces These Jobs Are Perfect for You ...
 if You Are a Pisces These Jobs Are Perfect for You ...

As a water sign, it's no surprise that Pisces loves careers connected with the sea and water. But they also do well in anything that involves using their imagination and creativity. Dreamy Pisces doesn't enjoy the routine and structure of a 9-to-5 job, and prefers a working environment that allows them freedom and creativity. They also prefer to have a vocation than a career that serves only to pay the bills. So which careers are best for this imaginative sign …?

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Getting out their camera is the ideal way for Pisces to express their creativity and need for freedom in their working life. They can manipulate the images and turn them into the vision that's in their head. The scope for creativity is endless and can lead them down many different paths.



Another creative career for Pisces is making movies. This gives them even more scope for expressing themselves and crafting their own world. Pisces loves taking their imagination and creating something that others can share - some of the greatest filmmakers belong to this sign.


Pisces individuals have a natural affinity for visual storytelling and often possess a deep emotional intelligence that is crucial for creating impactful cinema. Their intuitive sense for the ebb and flow of human sentiment allows them to craft narratives that resonate deeply with audiences. In the director's chair or behind the camera, they thrive when they can shape the nuances of a scene, drawing out the subtleties of performances and setting the tone with meticulous attention to detail. Film offers an expansive canvas for Pisces to weave their dreams into realities, touching the hearts and minds of viewers.



Being a psychic is a career where Pisces' dreamy nature will work to their advantage. They can also work when they want and avoid a regimented timetable. What's more, working as a psychic requires empathy and imagination, something this sign possesses in abundance. They also enjoy tarot reading or astrology.



Although being a nun (or monk) may seem too regimented for Pisces, it's a calling that requires a lot of meditation - and that's right up Pisces' street. They love whiling away the day lost inside their own head and dreaming, so can easily dedicate themselves to long hours spent in prayer and contemplation. Of course, you do need a religious calling - and that might be the sticking point.



Empathy is another Piscean quality that makes them highly suitable for a career in counseling or therapy. They can put themselves in the shoes of the other person - or even inside their head. This kind, sensitive sign loves caring for others and like to feel that they're achieving something; once their patient has successfully completed a course of therapy, Pisces can feel a sense of deep satisfaction at knowing that their job is done and the patient can move on to live a happier life.


Pisces' intuitive nature also excels in nuanced conversations, where they can provide not just a listening ear but also insightful guidance. Their high emotional intelligence allows them to navigate through complex emotional landscapes with grace, making them exceptionally good at dealing with sensitive topics. They are often seen as a beacon of hope to those who are struggling. Plus, with their imaginative problem-solving skills, they can help patients find creative solutions to their problems, further enhancing their effectiveness as counselors or therapists.



Pisces' caring nature means that they're just as good as treating animals as humans. It doesn't matter whether their patient has two legs or four, they love caring for them and helping them feel better. The same qualities also make Pisces ideal midwives or nurses - indeed, they're well suited to any caring profession.



Working for a non-profit allows Pisces to fulfill their vocation for helping others. They can express their empathy for others by working for a cause they believe in, rather than simply being out to make a profit. They'll go all out to make their cause succeed, and love being able to help the people they're working to support.

Ultimately, Pisces isn't keen on being the leader, although when they are they will work to achieve the best for the people they represent. They can make very good agents or advocates. They also have a natural warmth that allows them to get on well with others.

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bad taste, man.

These describe me but I'm not a Pisces I'm a Leo

Parts of this list are true, but SERIOUSLY!?!? you honestly used “nun” as a career choice!!?!! WTAF. if that is someone’s “calling” in life, cool... you know, assuming you’re catholic and virginal and actually believe in what you’re doing.

it isn’t like “oh, gee, i don’t know what my career can be, i have so many options and i’m not even all that religious, but ya know, that nun life really sounds cool. spot on paycheck. (do nuns even make $ that doesn’t immediately tithe to jesus? ugh

Lol I couldn’t be a nun 😋

Wow I did all those jobs lol

I'm happy reading this

I'm a Pisces and I'm a police officer. I've been doing this for 21 years and I can't think of a better job for me.

This article is spot on. I'm a therapist and it's definitely the perfect job for me :)

Im a pisces and i am an estate agent. And i have got to say, I absolutely LOVE the job i do!!!! I love to work with people and being a therapist was always my dream, but my heart is just to soft. But being an EA i work with all kinds of people everyday and everyday is something new and it takes me in wonderful places being one. The best job ever!!!

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