if You Are a Virgo These Jobs Are Perfect for You ...


 if You Are a Virgo These Jobs Are Perfect for You ...
 if You Are a Virgo These Jobs Are Perfect for You ...

Virgo is a highly organized and methodical sign, making them ideally suited to any career involving record-keeping or attention to detail. They like following an established structure and have clear directions, and unlike Leo don't need to be in the limelight. So they do well in less flashy careers that require organization and conformism. Virgos will thrive in the following occupations …

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Executive Assistant

Being an executive assistant requires efficiency, superb organizational skills, and the willingness to take care of anything, no matter how trivial. Virgo's not only happy to do that, they actively enjoy organizing their boss's diary and ensuring that they're where they should be, at the right time.


Systems Analyst

Here's another career that requires you to be methodical and thorough. The job of a systems analyst is to sort out any problems with a computer system. They don't develop hardware or software, but instead solve any issues that arise. This suits Virgo's logical and disciplined nature down to the ground, and they'll happily work away on the problem until they've found a way of putting it right.



Working with numbers keeps Virgo happy, so they love collecting statistics and organizing them. Being a statistician means gathering data and interpreting it. There are a wide range of possibilities for this career, so Virgo could find employment in government, healthcare or finance - all of which will offer plenty of scope for gathering those numbers.



Does becoming a cleaner sound like the most tedious job ever? Not to a Virgo, who was born house-proud and loves to make a house spotless. As well as taking care of individual homes, they could also set up a cleaning business, or be a housekeeper. There's always a demand for good cleaners, so you'll never be out of work - and you'll also experience job satisfaction as you leave a home clean and sparkling.



Are your closets cluttered? Does your house look like it could feature on an episode of Hoarders? If you can answer yes to either of these questions, chances are you're not a Virgo - but you should call one in to whip your house into shape. Virgo's obsession with order makes them ideal home and closet organizers. They'll ruthlessly weed out clothes that don't fit, books you'll never read, and all the assorted clutter that's taking up unnecessary space in your home.



Does sitting poring over records sound like an awful way to spend your working life? Then you're probably not a Virgo. Perhaps you were born on the cusp and should have been Leo or Libra? Virgo is definitely the right person to organize records and place them in the right category; they'll ensure that everything is exactly where it should be, so that it can be easily located when required.



An auditor examines records to see if they're accurate, and looks for any mistakes. While this career would bore many signs, it's right up Virgo's street, as they love nothing more than poring over records and checking for the slightest error. If there's even the tiniest mistake, meticulous Virgo will find what other people would miss.

Virgos, which of these careers sounds right up your street? Or are you already doing one of these jobs?

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Omg 100% true!!

I'm a Virgo and trust me, I am the most laziest person ever and hate cleaning.

This is creepy but true!!


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