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if You Are a Libra These Jobs Are Perfect for You ...

By Neecey

Libra is the sign of peace and harmony, making Librans ideal for any career that involves diplomacy and tact. Where Taurus would blunder in, and Scorpio would get into a dispute, as the sign of the scales Libra always knows how to reconcile warring parties and restore balance. So they excel in careers such as the following …

1 Mediator

When you need someone to sort out a disagreement, Libra's the sign to turn to. They always find a common ground that will keep all parties happy. Libra will carefully examine the evidence on both sides and arrive at a solution that everyone will find acceptable. Whether in business or personal relationships, diplomatic Libra will solve any dispute with tact and skill.

2 Guidance Counselor

Problems at school are no less important than in the workplace, and a sympathetic counsellor can make all the difference to a student going through a difficult time. Libra can employ all their tact in helping students deal with emotional problems, difficulties with their family life, and problems with their peers. They will also help them weigh up their career options and choose the right college and course.


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3 Referee

A referee needs to have a strong sense of fair play and the ability to solve disputes firmly but fairly. A Libran is the perfect person to make a decision on who is in the right when a dispute arises during a game, or to identify when rules have been broken. They can exercise their authority without being too bossy, but enjoy enforcing the rules of the game.

4 Human Resources

The people working in the Human Resources department have to be good at handling others, even when dealing with the more disagreeable aspects of their job such as redundancy. Librans are ideally placed to negotiate every stage of hiring and firing, ensuring that everyone feels that they received a fair deal - and Libra's sense of fair play will do everything possible to achieve that.

5 Public Office

If you want to be represented by people who actually care about looking after your interests, vote for a Libran - and if you're a Libran, you should think about channeling your interest in justice into running for public office. While many politicians and elected officials are out to feather their own nest, Librans will always consider what is the right thing to do.

6 Lawyer

Libra's scales have two sides; not only do they represent balance, but also justice and the law. So taking up a career in the legal profession can suit Libra immensely. They can pursue justice for their clients, while gently persuading others of the rightness of their argument. This sign is also methodical enough to look at all the evidence until they find what they need.

7 Moderator

Every online forum needs a moderator (or several) to keep the peace and avoid it descending into insults and abuse. Libra was born to play this role, since they've been keeping the peace since before the internet was invented. They can remain calm and administer the rules of the site, keeping it from descending into chaos and treating all concerned fairly - providing they respect the site and other users.

Do you think you're a typical Libran - or do you have elements of another sign?

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