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if You Are a Sagittarius These Jobs Are Perfect for You ...

By Neecey

Sagittarius is a sign that loves stimulation. As a result, they're not bothered by change in the workplace and can quickly adapt to a new situation. They also have a knack for communicating, both with animals and people. Being an adaptable sign, Sagittarius loves their career to develop and progress, and won't be happy if it stagnates. These are some of the careers that the Archer is suited to …

1 Dog Walker

The Sagittarian love of animals means that they make great dog walkers or pet sitters. So when you want someone to take care of your pets while you're on vacation or busy at work, look for a Sagittarius pet sitter. They'll happily spend time with your beloved animals and care for them as if they were their own.

2 Publisher

Another pastime beloved of Sagittarians is reading, so working in any aspect of bookselling or publishing is right up their street. They enjoy the inspiration that books provide, and love acquiring new knowledge from their constant reading. Whether they write the books, edit them or run a bookshop, this sign will simply adore being surrounded by literature and non-fiction of any kind.


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3 Interpreter

Who could be better at a career involving communication than a Sagittarius? Interpreting requires complete mastery of a language, and the skills to understand not only what is being said in one language, but to convert it into another without losing any of the meaning. That's not an easy skill to acquire, but Sagittarius is well and truly up to the challenge.

4 Travel Writer

With their need for constant change and stimulation, Sagittarius is a born traveler, and if they can turn their wanderlust into a career then they're truly delighted. They can easily acquire the language skills to make the most of the travelling experience and fully immerse themselves in the countries they visit. And because they're also so fond of books and the written word, they make ideal travel writers, so that they can share their experiences with others.

5 Healthcare

Working in healthcare is such a demanding job that it needs people with plenty of energy and empathy. That describes Sagittarius perfectly, and they won't be fazed by the challenges of such a career. They can keep calm under pressure, and treat their patients with tact, understanding and compassion. They also have the energy to handle the long hours this career can demand.

6 Teacher

If you ever had a teacher that was truly inspirational, there's a high probability that they were a Sagittarius. This sign has the ability to encourage others to learn and develop their knowledge, as well as passing on their enthusiasm for a subject. Whether they teach in a college or high academia, the Sagittarian educator loves to share their knowledge and passion for learning.

7 Airline Crew

Another career that allows Sagittarius to satisfy their need for new horizons is working for an airline. Whether they're pilots, cabin crew or working behind the scenes, Sagittarius will make the absolute most of the chance for free or heavily discounted travel by exploring as much of the world as they can. They could also work for a travel firm; any career that takes them away from an office environment and allows them to get out and about will be right up the Sagittarian street.

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