How to Get a Remote Job on a Tropical Island for Girls Looking to Relocate ...


How to Get a Remote Job on a Tropical Island for Girls Looking to Relocate ...
How to Get a Remote Job on a Tropical Island for Girls Looking to Relocate ...

So you want to figure out how to get a remote job on a tropical island? Have you ever dreamed of luscious sunsets or imagined yourself working at the beach somewhere exotic? Have you ever considered remote work in a sunny, heavenly destination? Well, you can stop dreaming and start doing. Working remotely in paradise is possible and here's how to get a remote job on a tropical island.

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Pick up Your Specialty and Stick to It

Typical remote jobs deal with the broader digital marketing spectrum, but also design jobs, apps developer work, front-end specialists and other mysterious professions that require you to hold a computer and a good WiFi connection. Contrary to what we think, the pay is pretty decent for such remote opportunities. If you wish to learn coding, dig into some thorough resources and you're well on your way to learning how to get a remote job on a tropical island.


Explore Famous Remote Work Websites

The best websites to look and get hired as remote workers are,,, and where you can select "remote" in the search options. Don’t be scared to look for remote opportunities on traditional websites such as LinkedIn or Monster too. Another great resource are Facebook groups with plenty of digital nomads offers. Just be curious, and even search on Google to find out what comes to you.


Ask for past Freelance Clients to Hire You Again or Recommend You

Former companies you have been working with are connected to other clients, collaborators and other companies who may be looking for extra help. Ask your former colleagues to share your new freelance remote worker CV and wait for responses. Often, jobs are created because you ask for them to be created.


Build a Kick Ass Portfolio and Find New Clients

Ensure that your social presence is perfectly neat and complete. From LinkedIn to Indeed, from Monster to AngelList, and most recruitment websites, build a kick ass portfolio and online CV to entice and gain new clients. Do not ask for employment straight away. Research your chosen companies’ websites, and find out what’s missing. Draft a proposal featuring how you could improve their business, and schedule a conversation with them to demonstrate your skills.


Be Patient – Everything Happens when You Don’t Expect It

Your prospects are often busy dealing with everyday activities from accounting to banking, from business meetings to social media development. Don’t expect an answer in the next few days. Rather, create a spreadsheet featuring detailed information on who you reached out to and when, providing follow up notes. Think about following up, either by email or by phone. You will be surprised at how successful this tactic can be.


Get Your New Swimsuit and Chill by the Beach with Your Laptop

No, you are not dreaming. No, you are not in an office anymore. Yes, you are by the beach. Yes, you work bare foot in one of these fabulous co-working places around the world with talented digital nomads who enjoy the perks of remote work as much as you do. And it does not mean that you are not professional or lazy. Rather, it means that you just enjoy a new way of working, sitting on your favorite white sandy beach. Have you got your new bikini and MacBook ready?

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