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Great Jobs for Girls Who Want to Earn Loads but Don't Have a Degree ...

By Corina

Even though the fight for a well-paid job without a degree is pretty tough, there are still a few positions that enable you to earn quite a lot of money. These days, having a college degree doesn’t always guarantee you a job in your field, so it’s good to have some alternatives. Also, the cost of attending college increases each year, so there are quite a lot of high school graduates who can’t afford college and who might wonder how well they could do without a college degree. Here are 7 well-paying jobs that don’t need a degree:

1 Small Business Owner

Since not everyone is cut out to be an employee, a lot of high school graduates prefer being their own boss and choose to manage their own business. Of course, if you do decide to start your own business, you should learn a few things to have the best chance of making your business successful. You must be willing to work hard and have patience because it might take some time until your business idea starts to pay off.

2 Journalist

If you like to write and you a have a good story to write about, it is possible to break into this industry without having a qualification in this field. You do have to be passionate about writing, you have to read a lot and you need to take this job seriously if you want to be successful in this field.


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3 Personal Trainer

Even if this job doesn’t necessarily require a college degree, you still need to earn a personal training certificate. If you love fitness and helping others stay healthy and get in good shape, then this is the perfect job for you. You can also earn quite a lot of money if you are really good at what you are doing. You will have a flexible schedule and you will meet a lot of interesting people.

4 Real Estate Agent

Even though working in real estate is far from a piece of cake, this is still one of those well-paying jobs that don’t require a college degree. You will need a lot of patience, though, because helping people find their dream homes is not that easy. You will learn a lot of new things, acquire new skills, meet new people and you’ll have a flexible schedule, which is always a plus.

5 Loan Officer

Loan officers approve applications for monetary assistance, they advise people who are seeking financial help and they evaluate their credit status. Even if it doesn’t require a college degree, you need to have high school diploma or an equivalent to do this job. It does involve a lot of logistic management and paperwork, but you can make quite a lot of money if you are really good in this field.

6 Makeup Artist

This is a wonderful and fulfilling job that doesn’t require a college degree. You can open your own business, you can work in a beauty salon or even in a theatre, TV or the movies. You need to be really passionate about makeup, you need to take some classes that will teach you some very important techniques used in applying makeup and you also need to have a bit of talent.

7 Dental Hygienist

Even if this job doesn’t require a college degree, you’ll need to have an associate’s degree. A dental hygienist is basically the individual who is responsible for keeping your teeth clean. They also examine patients to check for possible teeth and gum diseases and they recommend respective preventive care.

Finding a job nowadays can be quite difficult but with a lot of patience and with a bit of effort, you will manage to find that dream job that you will love. Do you know any other well-paying jobs that don’t require a college degree? Please tell us more about them in the comments section!


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