These Job Hunting Mistakes Could Lose You That Dream Job ...


These Job Hunting Mistakes Could Lose You That Dream Job ...
These Job Hunting Mistakes Could Lose You That Dream Job ...

Job hunting can be quite a long and difficult process. You need a lot of patience and you also need to avoid a few mistakes that could cost you your dream job. When you head out into the job market for the first time, you realize that it’s not as easy as you anticipated. If you think that your degree will guarantee you a job, know that this isn’t always the case. If your job search is dragging you down, review your steps to make sure that you are not making mistakes. Even though you might think that you are pretty savvy when it comes to job hunting, there are still a few common mistakes that many women make that can derail their efforts. Here are a few job search mistakes that you should avoid if you want to land that dream job:

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You Only Have One Resume

One of the most important aspects of every job search is to make yourself stand out. If you have only one resume that you use to apply to every position or if your resume still looks like it did the last time you interviewed, you may be missing an opportunity to shine. You should take some time and tweak your resume for each job opening you apply to if you want your job search to be successful.


You Assume That Your Qualifications Speak for Themselves

Even though you are very talented and you look great on paper (just like any other job applicant for that position), don’t assume that you don’t have to speak up or sell yourself and your skill set to the employer. Show your potential employer why you are the perfect candidate for the position, give them examples of how you’ll get the job done and what you will bring to the company.


You Limit Your Search to Online Postings

A lot of graduates tend to limit their search to online postings, but this is a big mistake since it can hinder you from finding a lot of job opportunities that aren’t listed. There are a lot of reasons why some companies don’t post job listings online, so try to put in some time and effort and make real-life contacts in your desired fields.


You Aren’t Networking Enough

You know that saying. “It’s more important who you know than what you know”? Well, there must be a reason why it’s so popular. When you are looking for a job, this statement can be true. Studies have shown that 60 percent of hiring managers and recruiters said they found their best candidates for their job openings through referrals.


You Don’t Have a Plan

If you want your job search to be successful, then create a calendar that will allow you to keep track of your goals, your application deadlines, networking events and even follow-up letters. This will make your job hunt more efficient and it will help you land that dream job.


Lack of Job-Seeker Confidence

You need to be confident and you need to have faith in your abilities if you want to land that dream job. Show your potential employer that you are the perfect candidate for the position and don’t be modest when you are telling them about your skills and successes. Do your homework and prepare yourself for the interview and do your best to project confidence and professionalism.


You Are Not following up Properly after an Interview

After an interview, take some time and write a short, handwritten note to thank the interviewer for their time. You can mail them that note, no later than the day after your meeting, or you can send them an e-mail; it depends on their personality and their job profile.

There are a lot of things that you should pay attention to when you are looking for a job, so you can avoid those mistakes that can derail your efforts. Do you know any other mistakes people usually make during their job hunt? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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