The Most Bizarre Jobs You Won't Believe Exist ...

Jobs that are strange, dirty or just plain wrong have been around for hundreds of years or more. Why do they exist? Simply put, they are often an evil necessity, and in some cases, there's no alternative to hiring one unfortunate employee to take care of them on a daily basis.

1. Breath Odor Evaluator

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Mint and toothpaste manufacturers are said to offer one of the most bizarre jobs you'll ever encounter, a position set aside for people interested in a challenging career. A breath odor evaluator is basically a person who smells the foul breath during testing, until the fresh minty odor sets in.

2. Pet Food Tester

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Similar to the diligent workers presented above, pet food testers are also provided with the responsibility of testing a product. Except this is actually a job that has potential health risks, since they not only have to evaluate the nutritional value of pet food, but also taste-test it.

3. Car Plate Blockers

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In countries like Iran, where there are very strict laws associated with driving your car, there are jobs such as car plate blockers. These people are hired to stand in front of cars, blocking the car plate from view, so that the car owner can avoid punishment when driving during prohibited hours, or when vehicles with plate numbers ending in either odd or even numbers are not allowed on the road.

4. Duck Master

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Duck master is basically a fancy name for people hired to take care of ducks and parade them across venues and other important areas. They are usually hired by hotels that own duck ponds, and the job is actually a lot harder than it sounds.

5. Professional Apologizer

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If you want to visit a country where people really take their jobs seriously, you should consider going to Japan. Here, you will encounter professional apology services that basically assign people to provide formal apologies on behalf of their clients.

6. Body Farm Caretaker

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This is probably the most sinister job in this list. Body farm caretakers are in charge of body farms that help forensic students study the decomposition of the body in its different stages. The caretaker basically does all the dirty work, including taking care of the bodies and removing any unwanted elements that could hinder studies and investigations.

7. Human Scarecrow

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Another unusual job that some students actually do part time is becoming human scarecrows. The role, as you might have guessed, is to scare away unwanted crows from crop fields, and the method can be anything from wearing bright colored coats to using an ukulele – as one student from Bangor University was reported to be doing.

8. Professional Sleeper

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Now this is a job I would definitely apply for – and do it with immense skill and passion, I may ad! It may not happen every day, but you can find β€œprofessional sleeper” jobs advertised either by hotels, apparently designed for testing comfort levels, or doctors and researchers who need to study sleeping people for a variety of reasons.

9. Roadkill Cleaner

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No one likes to find animal corpses on the road while driving to their favorite vacation spot. This is why roadkill cleaners are in pretty high demand in most parts of the US. An important, although somewhat disgusting job, this responsibility involves driving along the road and picking up rotting bird, dog and other animal corpses and putting them into your car on a regular basis.

Shocked yet? There are plenty of disturbing or unusual jobs out there, and if you've previously been unhappy with your own position, you probably gathered some newfound respect for it just reading about some of the ones mentioned here. Do you know of any other bizarre jobs I haven't mentioned here?


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