How to Write the Cover Letter That'll Land You Your Dream Job ...

By Holly

How to Write the Cover Letter That'll Land You Your Dream Job ...

Your cover letter is just as important as your resume is. That's why you need to set aside enough time to write it out perfectly. Otherwise, you could end up losing out on a great opportunity. Here are a few tips for writing the perfect cover letter:

1 Customize Each Letter

screenshot, games, This, good, newgirl, Unlike your resume, you can't use the same cover letter for every job application. You need to create a new one every single time, so that it feels personalized.

2 Address It to the Right Person

Address It to the Right Person You don't want to say, "To whom it may concern." You want to address a specific person. Make sure you call them by Mr. or Ms.

3 Include the Job Title

Include the Job Title Make sure you include the name of the job you're applying for, so that there isn't any confusion.

4 Say What You Can do for the Company

Say What You Can do for the Company Don't say what the company can do for you. Say what you can do for the company. It'll give them a reason to hire you.

5 Don’t Say Anything Negative about Yourself

Don’t Say Anything Negative about Yourself This isn't the time to be modest. Don't point out any of your flaws. Paint yourself in the best light possible.

6 Don’t Go off Topic

art, design, screenshot, wing, Don't tell them about your experience working with children if you're applying for a job as an architect. If your experience doesn't have anything to do with the topic at hand, then leave it out.

7 Avoid Using Cliches

Avoid Using Cliches Don't say that you're a "people person." They've heard that phrase a million times. You can still get your point across while wording it differently.

8 Don’t Repeat Your Entire Resume

technology, document, office equipment, You're giving them your resume for a reason. You don't have to repeat all of your qualifications in your cover letter. Only mention the important stuff.

9 Ask Someone to Check It

Ask Someone to Check It Give your resume to a friend, family member, or teacher. Have them check it over for any surface errors.

10 Edit It Yourself

Edit It Yourself After your loved ones check over your cover letter, you should check it yourself. You might catch something that they missed.

11 Send It as a PDF

Send It as a PDF Some computers have issues opening up certain files. However, you can't go wrong with a PDF.

12 Research the Position

screenshot, pc game, Look up information about a company before you apply for a job there. If you figure out what they value the most, you can make your cover letter stand out more.

13 Use Arial or Times New Roman

Use Arial or Times New Roman Always use a readable font. Arial and Times New Roman are your best bet.

14 Don’t Make It Longer than a Page

Don’t Make It Longer than a Page You might have a million reasons why you're perfect for the job, but you need to cut them down. Your cover letter should never be longer than a page.

15 Use Words from the Job Description

Use Words from the Job Description If the job description mentions that they're looking for someone with "experience with customer service," make sure to mention your experience with customer service. It's okay to steal words from the job description.

16 Use Spell Check

Use Spell Check You don't want any spelling mistakes or grammatical mistakes in your cover letter. It'll make you look unprofessional.

17 Type the Correct Date

Type the Correct Date If you always use the same template for your cover letters, you might forget to change the date. That's a major mistake.

Don't forget to write a cover letter that'll stand out! What's the dream job that you're trying to get?

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Awesome article! Thank you so much for this help Holly!

Holly you're great. I gravitate to your articles. Keep writing. You're awesome! !

What helpful hints thank u!

Very helpful!

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