These 7 Frustrating Habits Just Might Get You Fired ...


These 7 Frustrating Habits Just Might Get You Fired ...
These 7 Frustrating Habits Just Might Get You Fired ...

Behaving perfectly at work isn’t easy. In fact, it’s nearly impossible because you’re human. However, you want to do your best to make sure you’re successful and your job is secure. While you can’t be perfect, you should avoid or break these frustrating habits that bosses hate and just might get you fired. The more of these you have, the greater the chance you have of having trouble at work because of them.

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Being Chronically Late

Being Chronically Late Everyone runs late occasionally. Sometimes there’re circumstances you can’t control such as car trouble or getting behind a wreck on your way to work. Most bosses are gracious and understand those reasons. But chronic tardiness does not bode well for your job. If you’re often late then figure out what you can do to change that. Usually time management skills are the key to being punctual.


Showing Your Boss up in Meetings

Showing Your Boss up in Meetings Know what your boss hates? When you show them up in a meeting. It’s not a good idea, friends. Suggestions are great and almost always welcome but acting superior to your boss is a ticket to unemployment fast. Even if you truly believe you know better than your boss does, don’t show it.


Not Completing Tasks on Time

Not Completing Tasks on Time There’re times when you simply can’t complete your work on time, despite your best effort. Most bosses will accept this if it doesn’t happen too often. However, if it’s something that constantly reoccurs then it could be you need to make some changes to make sure you get your work done. Save socializing for your breaks and lunch hour and think about what else you can do to work more efficiently.


Spreading Gossip

Spreading Gossip It’s tempting to take part in the office gossip. After all, we all want to know the inside scoop! But be very careful here. It’s one thing to hear the secret happenings at work and completely another to spread it to others. Bosses generally know who’s gossiping in the office and besides that, if you’re gossiping then you’re not working.


Sloppy Work

Sloppy Work Maybe your work wasn’t up to par when you were sick or going through a breakup. But that can’t happen all the time or your job will be threatened. Take pride in your work and do your best, even when you have personal problems going on. Do your best to push them aside and be fully present at work. An occasional mistake is okay; constant ones generally won’t be accepted. Remember that your hard work will always be reflected in your evaluations.


Being the Boss’s Fake Best Friend

Being the Boss’s Fake Best Friend You know what? Sometimes you just hit it off with your boss and become good friends. It’s perfectly okay when that happens. However, you don’t want to try to force a friendship with your boss. Most people can sense insincerity and don’t appreciate it.


A General Bad Attitude

A General Bad Attitude A bad attitude makes for a bad work environment because it affects everyone. Think about when one of your co-workers comes to work in a bad mood. It doesn’t make for a great day. Don’t be the problem employee! Do your best to be friendly and kind.

These 7 habits are ones that could possibly get you fired. Are there any you need to work on? Becoming aware of what you need to change is the first step.

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