How to Kickstart Your Business without the Kickstarter Site ...


How to Kickstart Your Business without the Kickstarter Site ...
How to Kickstart Your Business without the Kickstarter Site ...

If you're struggling to get your small biz off the ground, there are loads of ways to kickstart it... without using Kickstarter. Here are a few ideas...

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Word of Mouth

Never underestimate the power of networking, otherwise known as word of mouth, otherwise known as free advertising. Tell everyone you know about your new venture, and ask them to help spread the word!


Social Media

If you're a photographer, use Facebook and Instagram to share client photos and build interest around upcoming events. If you're a coffee shop owner, tweet your daily specials and cute photos of customers. Use social media to help build your brand and get the word out!


Spruce up Your Site

If you have a web store or service, make sure your site fits your brand, and that it's easy to use. Don't have one? Make one now, for free, at or Square Space. They're easy to use, and did I mention they're free?


Try Kiva

If you like the idea of a no-interest, guilt-free, no-big-banks-involved loan, look into securing a Kiva loan. It's a hard concept to explain in a couple of lines, but you can find out more at



A short, simple video introducing yourself and your service or product is an excellent way to engage your customers. Find a way to promote yourself with a video, and start shooting and sharing! If you knit scarves to sell, make a video of you knitting and show the world... it could really help if people see and hear who you are!


Join an Assoc

Find a professional organization or Chamber that you fit into, and use it to network, find out about new client opportunities, and to connect with other people who do what you do, who are at different points in the process and can offer advice.


Price Accordingly

It seems that a lot of small mom-trepreneurs go out of business before they've even got started because they price themselves out of the game. Don't undervalue your time, product or service, but also make sure you're not over-pricing either. Research what your market can bear, and develop pricing around that, and what you need to succeed.

What other tips can you share for getting a new business off the ground?

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These are all really good suggestions

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