Empowering Tips for Women Who Want More Respect at Work ...


Empowering Tips for Women Who Want More Respect at Work ...
Empowering Tips for Women Who Want More Respect at Work ...

We’re fighting the glass ceiling. We find entry to some industries difficult. We shouldn’t have to deal with feeling inferior in any job in any workplace, but we do. It’s one of the facts of womanhood we have to keep pushing against. We can certainly do this on an individual basis. If you want more respect at work, here’s a list of actions.

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Always Finish Your Work on Time

hair, DONE!, One of the best ways to get more respect at work is to make sure that you always finish your work on time, no matter the circumstances that you are faced with. Don’t give people the easy opinion that you are lazy or ineffectual. Show them that you are skilled at what you do and can face anything.


Have a Backup Plan, Just in Case

facial expression, black and white, emotion, film noir, book, If you have a career backup plan that you can fall back on, it will make you feel and appear much more relaxed in your current work environment. This calm attitude will come across as quiet confidence in the office, earning you more respect from your colleagues.


Project Confidence, Even if You Don’t Have Any

blond, hair, hairstyle, eyewear, eye glass accessory, The appearance of confidence is almost more important than actually having it in the work environment. If you can surround yourself with people who regard you as a calm and collected individual, then there will be no question of respect on their part; you will pretty much command it!


Be Nice to Your Colleagues; It Goes a Long Way

person, singing, profession, finger, I'm, It is pretty hard to disrespect somebody who is consistently kind and warm towards you, so save yourself a lot of backstabbing and gossip by being as nice as you can be to your colleagues. They will find it hard not to respect you for your personality alone.


Keep Your Area Organized. Don’t Project Disarray

person, library, It’s important that you keep your desk area organized and that you clean up after yourself in all of the communal areas of the work environment. The respect a person has for their surroundings often reflects how much respect they receive from others.


Try Not to Display Too Many Emotions

person, blond, facial expression, hairstyle, get, Even if you are a really emotional person, try to keep these feelings for home time when you can really let yourself go without judgement from colleagues. Keeping it cool and together is the best way to earn respect in the office.


Learn How to Stand up for Yourself and Say No

hair, hairstyle, afro, disco, In many work environments, you can find a worker who cannot say no to any request and therefore ends up being taken advantage of and put on by their colleagues. It is disrespectful and manipulative, so make sure that you are able to say no to things that you don’t want to do.


Don’t Be Awkward but Try to Make Things Easy

person, profession, Sorry., Can, ask, Make work decisions that don’t only make things easier for you but also make things easier for your colleagues. Nobody likes to be ‘that’ girl in the office that ends up ruining it for everyone, so be smart with your decisions.


Be Consistent with Your Work Rate and Your Attitude

hair, person, hairstyle, blond, bangs, Don’t be an erratic worker who is super effective until midweek when your work rate falls sharply. Stay focused and stay on top of things and you will find that your colleagues really respect the consistency that you bring to work every single day.

You know you can do it, so go show ‘em girl.

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Don't gossip and get caught up in the gossip. People don't trust a gossiper.

These are all excellent tips!

Then no crying on the job.

I agree with the comment about not dressing overly sexy and am surprised it isn't included. And on that point the picture is wrong. That is not a business-like outfit in any way.

Great advice! 👌🏼👌🏼

Don't dress overly sexy.


Excellent tips👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

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