How to Be a Powerful and Productive Woman in the Workplace ...


How to Be a Powerful and Productive Woman in the Workplace ...
How to Be a Powerful and Productive Woman in the Workplace ...

Are you wondering how to be a powerful woman in the workplace? It would be fair to say things are much better for women in the workplace than they were, say, forty years ago, but that doesn’t mean that absolutely everything is perfect right now! Because sexism is still very much a thing, sometimes not even blatant, but just lying there beneath the surface, women can find it difficult to make the kind of waves in their careers that they might want or feel that they deserve.

The sad truth is that is can often take a little more work to get noticed as a woman in the workplace, compared to a man. If you become powerful in the wrong way, you can attract attention for the wrong reasons and have to play down a reputation as being a ball buster or a bitch. Here are some tips to how to be a powerful woman in the workplace and still be a nice person who is respected.

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Don’t Downplay Your Achievements

One of the best answers for how to be a powerful woman in the workplace is to note your own accomplishments. Don’t be afraid to boast about big achievements at work. Woman sometimes have a tendency to downplay things in general, but when you are at work and it is your job to highlight your worth, then giving these achievements the time and celebration that they deserve is a sure fire way to get noticed in a positive way by your superiors!


Don’t Apologise for Your Opinion

Refusing to apologise for having a certain opinion isn’t rude. It is simply sending a message to others that you are not going to be undermined and pushed around simply because you are a woman. Of course, if rudeness creeps into a discussion, then by all means apologise, but only for the unfortunate interaction, not for the original opinion.


Don’t Self Sabotage

Don’t self sabotage if you have been given a chance to show your worth. For example, if you are called on and asked for your specific opinion on something, don’t retreat to the shadows and refer to the work or opinion of a colleague. Instead, take centre stage and make everybody see that you are savvy and a valuable member of the team.


Dress Professionally

It’s not something that is particularly 21st century, but sadly what a woman wears to work is definitely a factor in how people perceive and treat her. Aside from external opinion, however, it cannot be underestimated how wearing a killer power suit can elevate your confidence and make you more productive.


Be Aware of Body Language

You need to be aware of just how significant body language can be, especially in a working environment. If you are saying one thing but your body language is suggesting another, then it might be hard for people to read you and therefore you won’t be given the chance to reach your working power level. Try not to come across as arrogant, aloof or superior.


Make Yourself Indispensable

Work hard so that you become an authority within the workplace, a person that is seen as indispensable and vital to the success of the operation. The more people that look up to you and are inspired by you in your career, the more powerful and productive you will become.

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