Beauty vs Salary do Attractive People Make More Money? Find out Here ...


Beauty vs Salary  do Attractive People Make More Money? Find out Here ...
Beauty vs Salary  do Attractive People Make More Money? Find out Here ...

Do attractive people make more money? That's a good question and that will be answered here.

Can heavy makeup, lipstick or a new hairstyle make women earn more money than men? Apparently, yes. According to studies done on the matter, the way a woman presents herself in the office makes a bigger difference than what men are able to do. Gender inequality still prevails in some countries and things won’t change anytime soon. Men can’t do much about their faces and they often get their confidence boost from the clothes they wear and attitude they have at work.

Women, on the other hand, can easily dress well for the office. But if they don’t put on makeup, somehow they don’t manage to grab attention. Some activists consider this approach unfair to women. They shouldn’t be obliged to do their hair and make-up daily just to be respected. Sadly, that's just the way things are.

So, here's the answer to your question: do attractive people make more money?

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Women Have a Physical Attractiveness That Men Don’t

Businessmen have charisma. They often bet on their wardrobe and confident attitude to get themselves noticed. Women don’t need charisma to stand out. Pretty makeup can just as easily make a woman seem confident in the eyes of the people around her. Sex-appeal and sensuality are not recommended in a business environment. You want people to perceive you as being a professional. As a consequence, too much makeup can do more harm than good. So the answer to do attractive people make more money might be yes, but only if you do it right.


How Grooming and Makeup Go Hand in Hand

Grooming is all about looking presentable without any makeup on. There are business women who care about their hair, skin and nails, but they don’t like to wear striking eyeshadow and lipstick at work. These women are confident in their abilities to negotiate deals and make themselves stand out through their attitude.

At the other end of the line, we have women who don’t dare to walk out the door without complete makeup done. Today’s business environment is still ruled by men. They’re predominant in industries like IT, telecom, transportation, real estate, and others. Because of their attractiveness, women often deal with many challenges. If they don’t look after their bodies, nobody will listen. Confidence is a skill that can only be attained when you feel comfortable with who you are, and what you can provide.


Attractiveness can have a significant impact on one's salary. Studies have shown that attractive people tend to earn more money than their less attractive counterparts. It is believed that attractive people are more likely to be hired and promoted, and that they tend to have more confidence and poise. Furthermore, attractive people may be more likely to negotiate higher salaries and better benefits. Grooming and makeup can play an important role in enhancing one's attractiveness, and can make a person more confident in job interviews and other professional settings. In addition, dressing appropriately and having good hygiene can help to create a favorable impression in the workplace.


Business Etiquette

Every organization, company or corporation should have business etiquette regarding wardrobe choices. Women should always dress the part if they want to be perceived as professionals. Long A-line pants, a white shirt, and a matching jacket can make a huge difference. Keep in mind that you’re going to be attending business meetings all day long. This means that high-heel shoes should be avoided.

The same thing goes for makeup. Heavy makeup lasts for only about 3-4 hours, at the most. When you work 8+ hours a day, you won’t have time to for fixes. Also, it’s not professional. You may feel beautiful and confident, but why not let your attitude shape who you are instead?


Grooming Habits Affect a Woman’s Monthly Wage?

Not necessarily. Just because you choose to wear high heels and put on heavy makeup, it doesn’t mean you deserve to be paid more. However, proper grooming does matter. It conveys a sense of professionalism and trust. As a woman in business, your goal is to gain the respect of the people around you. Not with your looks but with your knowledge, character and personality.

It’s tough for women to get respect. But it’s not something you can’t do. The secret is to feel good in your own skin. Mineral Makeup that’s discreet, the right attitude, and a nice scent can do a lot more than a short skirt, high heels and red lipstick. As professionals, we all want to be paid for the work that we do and how we do it in the office.

Dealing with clients, customers, and employees can be nerve-racking at times. Women often deal with challenges because they can’t find a way to make themselves respected. Proper grooming can do miracles. The way your hair looks and the clothes you wear can make a hell of a difference. Dress the part and people will look up to you. Be confident and trust that you have what it takes to be a leader.

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