Exceptional Organization Tips to Help You with Your Bills ...

By Heather

Exceptional  Organization Tips  to Help You  with Your Bills  ...

Before I started to take my bills seriously, I was paying SO much in late fees. If you are ready to get serious about your bills, take some of these organizational tips as your own. Promise, they work!

Table of contents:

  1. sort all your unpaid bills
  2. bill trackers, they help!
  3. bill pay checklist
  4. separate your personal bills and business bills
  5. monthly bills, passwords – everything together!
  6. a binder of organization
  7. keep up your monthly budget
  8. don't want a binder? chalkboard is better!
  9. organize where you keep your bills
  10. or this one
  11. set aside a space to do bills
  12. spreadsheets are god
  13. set up some google reminders
  14. sign up for text messages

1 Sort All Your Unpaid Bills

Store them in one area in your home. You also should make sure that you store your bills in one place.

2 Bill Trackers, They Help!

Trust me on this! Print a few out and keep track of them.

3 Bill Pay Checklist

That way you can know which bills you've paid. How easy!

4 Separate Your Personal Bills and Business Bills

This is especially helpful if you have your own business.

5 Monthly Bills, Passwords – Everything Together!

How organized is this? It so helps!

6 A Binder of Organization

I've done this before and it saved my life!

7 Keep up Your Monthly Budget

This is huge. Seriously.

8 Don't Want a Binder? Chalkboard is Better!

You can make it yourself too!

9 Organize Where You Keep Your Bills

Labels are amazing.

10 Or This One

I kinda like this style a little better. The calendar is so cool!

11 Set Aside a Space to do Bills

Somewhere that is quiet that you can concentrate.

12 Spreadsheets Are GOD

I actually have a spreadsheet of my bills and it works wonders!

13 Set up Some Google Reminders

You know, for when bills are due.

14 Sign up for Text Messages

My cable bill always lets me know when it is due in 10 days.

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