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7 Reasons Happy People Get More Job Opportunities ...

By Corina

There are quite a lot of reasons happy people get more job opportunities. They are more likely to be introduced to influential people and to be recommended for jobs. A lot of studies have revealed that in fact happiness can make you richer. Satya Paul, a professor of economics at the University of Western Sidney says that even though income doesn’t have a significant effect on happiness, “happy people are more active, more productive and get less upset by the work”. So basically happy people can affect their income generation through how much they work. You could say that being a happy individual and drawing others in with your positive attitude can help you get a better job. Here are 7 reasons happy people get more job opportunities.

1 People Feel Comfortable around Them

One of the most important reasons happy people get more job opportunities is the fact that others seem to feel comfortable confiding in them. After all, who doesn’t want to be around a happy and positive individual? That’s why, they will find out more quickly about different job opportunities and they will get recommended more.

2 People Follow Their Recommendations

People trust happy individuals. They must be doing something right, or else they wouldn’t be so happy, right? A lot of people tend to follow their recommendations and their advice and in return, they get different benefits, like news about different job openings.


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3 People Want to Connect with Them

People seem to want to connect with happy people. They get a lot of e-mails, calls or even texts. They are invited to different social events and they often meet new people that can help them in their careers. They get recommended and they make a lot of new friends that will alert them regarding different job or training opportunities.

4 People Seem Energized by Them

As I’ve said before, who doesn’t like to be around a happy individual? They can make you laugh, they boost your self-esteem and they help you feel more relaxed and sometimes, energized. Happy fellows are people magnets and the more people they draw in by their happiness, the more likely those people are to return the favor.

5 They Provide Opportunities for Other People

Happy people provide opportunities not only for themselves, but for others as well. For example, they offer the people around them different job leads (since they have such a huge network of friends), they set up blind dates and they can even offer you contacts in a new city since they are very sociable.

6 They Tend to Work More

A lot of studies have shown that happy people are more productive, more active, thus, they make more money. They tend to work more, they are very professional and they love their job. They often have an impressive resume, they show their enthusiasm and they get called to more interviews.

7 People Seem to Drift towards Them

Have you ever noticed how most people tend to drift towards happy individuals? Why do you think this happens? Do you think that their mood has something to do with their success? If you pay attention, you will notice that a lot of people tend to join a conversation that a happy individual is having, they tend to sit down next to happy fellows at conferences and they just like being around optimistic and positive co-workers.

So even though income influences happiness, a happy individual can also influence their income, by increasing their chances of getting a job offer. Do you know any other reasons happy people get more job opportunities? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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