7 Job Interview Questions You Don't Have to Answer ...

By Corina

If you've been searching for a job for quite some time and you would do anything to get hired, you should know that there are a few job interview questions you don’t have to answer. That's because they are inappropriate and they promote discriminatory hiring processes. Some interviewers can cross the line with these questions, because they want to learn everything they possibly can about the people they are interviewing. A recent study by Slater and Gordon showed that “40 percent of managers avoid hiring younger women to avoid dealing with maternity leave.” It’s important to be aware of the types of questions a potential employer shouldn’t ask during an interview. Here are 7 job interview questions you don’t have to answer to avoid becoming a victim of discrimination during a job interview:

1 Are You Married?

This is definitely one of those job interview questions you don’t have to answer. An interviewer cannot ask questions about your marital status. It’s inappropriate. Even though they only ask this question to find out more about your time commitment, whether you’re married or still single, it’s strictly your business.

2 Do You Plan to Have Children?

Most employers tend to ask this question to find out more about your availability at work. They might want to know if you already have children and if not, if you plan to have them in the near future. This is definitely a discriminatory question and you shouldn’t answer it. A lot of studies have shown that some employers might use kids as a determining factor to decide whether to hire a certain candidate or not.

3 What Religion do You Practice?

Some employers might want to find out more about your religion because they just want to learn more about your lifestyle and your schedule outside work. Basically, they just want to get to know you better. Yet you are not obliged to answer this question either, since an employer cannot legally ask anything about your religious background.

4 Do You Have Any Outstanding Debt?

An interviewer should not hold your credit history against your ability to perform at the office. If an employer wants to find out more about your debt, then they have to ask for your permission before they obtain a credit check. What you do with your money doesn’t concern them, unless it affects your productivity or their company.

5 What Country Are You Originally from?

When you are eager to get that perfect job, you may easily consider a move to a new city or even to a new country. A lot of interviewers might ask you where you are from, especially if you speak with an accent. If you are not comfortable, you don’t have to answer this question because it’s illegal to ask about an individual’s national origin, even though it may seem like it’s only an innocent question.

6 How Old Are You?

This is another frequently asked question during an interview that you don’t have to answer. Age discrimination is actually a huge problem nowadays and more and more job seekers are facing it. An employer is not allowed to ask anything about your age, about the year you were born or how long you’ve been in the workforce.

7 Do You Enjoy Drinking Socially?

Interviewers are not allowed to ask questions about your drinking habits during a job interview because this question actually violates the Americans with Disabilities Act. It’s also inappropriate to be asked about the last time you used an illegal drug or even if you live nearby.

During a job interview, questions about age, race, gender or marital status should be avoided. Do you know any other job interview questions you don’t have to answer? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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