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Regardless of whether you voluntarily left your last job or you were laid off, you might be actively looking for new employment. It can take several weeks or months to find a new job. You might apply for jobs and send off your resume with no bites. It's a scary time, but there are things you can do when you're between jobs to make the situation a bit easier.

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Stop the Pity Party

Yes, you might be frustrated, angry and a little scared. But this isn't the time to let emotions dictate your actions. A job isn't going to fall in your lap. You need to shake off your feelings and find your motivation. Finding a new job will have its challenges, but it'll be easier to cope if you're in the right frame of mind.Surround yourself with positive people, get support from friends and family, get plenty of rest and keep your mind occupied to reduce worry.


Acquire New Skills

Learning a new skill can get your foot in the door with companies. Look into workshops or classes to learn a new software program or attend a seminar. If you apply for a job and you have more skills than other applicants, there's a good chance the employer will choose you.


Dust off Your Resume

If you're applying for jobs with no bites, it might be time to refresh your resume. Search online for resume writing tips, or hire a professional resume writer. It's important that your resume includes powerful words that clearly explain all duties and tasks. A boring resume can be the kiss of death when applying for jobs. This is your opportunity to sell your skills and show the employer you're the best person for the job.


Volunteer Your Time

If sitting in the house every day makes you anxious or depressed, look for volunteer opportunities in your community. If you can get out of the house a few times each week and help others, you're less likely to focus on your problems. Also, volunteering can be an excellent way to network and connect with others in the business world.


Keep on Top of Your Industry

Make sure you stay on top of changes in your industry. If you're out the loop for too long, it might be harder to get your foot back in the door. You can read blogs or news articles related to the industry you work in, or have lunch dates with former coworkers to discuss changes.


Create Your Own Income

There's no rule that says your income has to come from an employer. If you're having difficulty finding a job, consider whether you can use your skills to start your own small business. For example, some who've lost staff writing jobs with a newspaper have used their skills to transition into freelance writing.


Sign up with a Temp Service

Working with a temporary agency can put extra cash in your pocket. And you never know, the temp agency might send you to a company that can benefit from your skills. If you give this company 200%, you might leave with a job offer.

Being out of work can be stressful, but there's plenty you can do when you're between jobs to help you find another position. How did you cope after a job loss?

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