7 Tips to Help You Make a Friend at Work ...

By Alicia

7 Tips to Help You Make a Friend at Work ...

It’s important to have friends at work. After all, you spend a lot of your time there, probably almost as many of your waking hours as you do away from work. It only makes sense that you want to have a friend at work. These’re some tips that can help you to make a friend or more than one friend at work. Having a friend at work can certainly help your work day to fly by.

Table of contents:

  1. 1. Be Friendly
  2. 2. Listen when She Wants to Talk
  3. 3. Catch Her up
  4. 4. Share Treats
  5. 5. Share a Laugh
  6. 6. Do Favors on Occasion
  7. 7. Help Her when She’s Stuck

1 Be Friendly

Here’s an easy and effective piece of advice on making a new friend in any situation. If you want to find a friend, then be a friendly person. If you’re very quiet and don’t often reach out to others then your chances of making a friend are much lower. This can be difficult, especially if you’re introverted. But moving out of your comfort zone can pay off big-time. You may be uncomfortable at first, but once you’ve made a friend at work, it’ll all be worth it.

2 Listen when She Wants to Talk

When you’re trying to make a friend at work, then be a listening ear. Listen when the person you’re trying to become friends with wants to talk. Everyone needs someone to talk to. And you always appreciate someone that’ll listen, right? This’s a good building block for friendship.

3 Catch Her up

If someone you’re trying to become friends with misses something at work, catch her up. Bringing her up to speed is a kind thing to do. She’ll appreciate this gesture. It’s something that friends do for each other. It’s a way of offering an invitation to friendship.

4 Share Treats

Treats are a great way to break the ice at the office. Whether you bake gourmet cupcakes or pick up a dozen donuts on your way in, the result is the same. You’ll be appreciated and it can make others friendlier toward you. Offering a treat is a way to get conversation flowing. Additionally, it helps boost everyone’s mood for the day.

5 Share a Laugh

When you can, share a laugh with others at work. Humor is important and something we all need in our life. It can help you to let your guard down with others and let them see the real you, too. It’s a way of bonding because it’s a way to have fun together. This could be what opens the door to friendship with someone at work.

6 Do Favors on Occasion

It’s good to do favors for others on occasion. Having a helpful personality will certainly help you to gain friends at work. Who can resist someone like that? The trick is to be helpful without going too far. You don’t want to allow yourself to be taken advantage of. That’s why it’s important to be careful with this one and not be the only one that’s always doing favors for others.

7 Help Her when She’s Stuck

If someone at work is stuck on a task, it’s good to help her out. Give her your perspective. It can help her to see her project with new eyes. Of course you only want to do this if she’s open to it. Some people prefer to muddle through frustrating situations on their own.

These’re 7 tips that can help you to make a friend at work. Do you have a work friend? How did your friendship begin?

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