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Climb the Career Ladder by Developing These Standout Traits ...

By Valencia

You might have big plans for yourself after graduating college. But moving up the career ladder is much easier said than done. Yes, you need the right degree and skills. But you'll also need to develop standout traits to become an asset to any company or organization. Here's a look at seven traits you need to climb the career ladder.

Table of contents:

  1. Learn how to accept change
  2. Learn people skills
  3. Stop hiding behind others
  4. Learn how to manage your time
  5. Own up to your mistakes
  6. Become more independent
  7. Be enthusiastic

1 Learn How to Accept Change

Organizations and companies are always moving in a different direction. Your employer might decide to revamp your department, or he might expand and introduce new departments. Being a good employee means you're able to change with the times and become adapt. If you don't like change, it might be harder to excel within the company and move up the career ladder.

2 Learn People Skills

Terrible people skills can be the kiss of death when trying to move up the career ladder. If you're not approachable, friendly or professional, this can limit your growth within an organization. Acquiring good people skills might be harder if you're an introvert or if you don't like being around a lot of people. This is one of those times when it pays to fake it until you make it.

3 Stop Hiding behind Others

Maybe you like to sit in the background where no one notices you. But if you're trying to move up the career ladder, you have to step out of the shadows and demonstrate your leadership skills. This doesn't mean you have to become a supervisor or a manager, but you should take the initiative from time to time.

4 Learn How to Manage Your Time

Time management is a crucial skill when working for any company. At any given time you might have a mountain of work that needs to be completed within the day. If you spend too much time on one assignment, you can get behind on your work, and this can slow productivity in the office.

5 Own up to Your Mistakes

Nobody is perfect, and you will make mistakes in the workplace. But if you learn how to own up to your mistakes, apologize and be accountable for your actions, it'll be easier to rebound. If you always point the finger and never accept responsibility for your actions, your boss and coworkers might develop a negative view of you, which can hurt any opportunity for advancement.

6 Become More Independent

If you're someone who always needs direction in the office, your supervisor might see you as a liability. Your superiors have their own workflow to deal with, and they can't constantly hold your hand or guide you through your work. Being independent takes you further in your career, and it might present opportunities to expand or challenge yourself.

7 Be Enthusiastic

Okay, so maybe this job wasn't your first choice, and you would rather be anywhere but here. Still, it helps to be enthusiastic about your job. Not only can this open additional opportunities, but happiness and enthusiasm are contagious. If you walk around the office with a smile on your face, and if you make the best of situations, your coworkers might adopt a similar mindset.

Moving up the career ladder takes time, but you can do it. You need the right skills, focus, determination, not to mention a few standout traits. What other traits are necessary to move up the career ladder?

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