How to Land a Summer Job You'll Actually Enjoy ...


Do you need a summer job? Maybe you need extra cash to pay for college or even to make sure you can start back to school in style. Whatever the motivation, you want to land a job you enjoy. Here’re some tips to help you do that.

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Decide What Type of Job You’d like to Have

Step one is to think about what type of job you’d like to have. Before you start submitting applications at random, consider if you’d truly enjoy working at each place you’re considering. It can be helpful to make a list of places you’d enjoy working and put it in order. This gives you a detailed plan to follow and the best chance of getting a job you enjoy. Most of us can think of at least a few places we’d like to work.


Think about the Skills You Have to Offer

You’ll have the best chance of getting a job you want if you approach it practically. Think about what you have to offer. What skills do you have that would be helpful? You’ll have a better chance of landing the job you want if you figure out what makes you an applicant they can’t resist hiring. Knowing what skills will make you a great choice for the job gives you the best chance of getting it.


Be Friendly with the Staff

This may not apply in all jobs but if it’s a public job, you can use this tip. Be friendly with the staff when you’re using their services. This gives them a positive impression of you. It also gives you the opportunity to observe their job satisfaction. If you’re on a friendly basis with the staff then you may even be able to ask if they like their job.


Try to Establish Some Connections to Help You

Connections matter. Many people have gotten jobs because of the connections they have. This doesn’t mean you should despair if you don’t have connections. But if you do, use them to your advantage. It’s also good to select your references carefully.


Build Your Résumé or Submit a Shining Application

This is an important part of the job hunting quest. If you’re submitting an application, use your best penmanship and write in black ink. If you’re submitting a résumé then be sure to follow the format they request. Many places only want a one page résumé. Do your best to make sure that your application or résumé stands out.


Check Back on Your Application Status

This is the very tip that lands some people their jobs. After submitting your application or résumé, check back on the status of it. A good time to check back is after one to two weeks. This shows how important the job is to you and is a sign you’ll be dedicated to your job. I know many people who’ve gotten jobs because they followed this tip.


Be a Good Employee Once You Get the Job

Lastly, if you do get the job you’re hoping for, be a good employee. This should be something you do with every job you hold. Not only is it the right thing to do but it’s beneficial to your future. This summer job will affect future jobs you hold. Your current job can be the step that leads to the next job you’re dreaming of.

These are 7 tips to help you land a summer job you’ll enjoy. What summer job are you trying for? I’d love to hear from you.

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