7 Tips on How to Be Prepared and Calm during an Interview ...


Clearly interviews are nerve racking so learning how to be calm during an interview is absolutely crucial. You will ultimately become a pro at interviewing after you get your feet wet so until then, here’s how to be calm during an interview!

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Do Your Homework on the Company

Learning how to be calm during an interview starts with researching the company that you’re interviewing with and knowing enough about them to talk knowledgeably. Coming from a recruiter who sits in multiple interviews every single week, I can assure that the candidates I choose to hire are the ones who show me they know about our company. Since we’re an agency, I don’t expect them to know too much, but if you’re interviewing with a line manager or HR manager, you best believe they’ll be watching to see you’ve done your homework.


Give Yourself a Pep Talk

You will make or break your own interview. I don’t say this to intimidate you; I say this to encourage you. Tell your mind: RELAX. Easier said than done I know, I know. But trust me, your mind is a powerful muscle and if you focus the night before on saying to yourself “I am confident, I am relaxed, I am going to get the job of my dreams”, it will keep you calmer.


Rehearse Your Elevator Pitch

Repetition will give you a feeling of calmness. Knowing the answer to an exam is empowering, isn’t it? Well, think of your interview like an exam. If you study and rehearse your elevator pitch before the big day, you will feel more prepared and at peace. To further help yourself, try role-playing the conversation between you and the interviewer so that you can better expect the outcome.


Get There Early

Getting to anything early is always a great feeling. Unless you’re going to a party, then it doesn’t matter so much! But arriving early for an exam, for class, or for an interview will give you peace of mind. Again, as I said before, you will make or break your own interview. If you’re someone who doesn’t care so much about being early or late, then arrive when you can. If you’re someone who feels stressed out by feeling rushed, then plan accordingly to arrive early.


Focus on Your End Goal

Remember that you are there for a purpose – set your intention on getting the job and you will help create your own reality. If you focus on the end goal of getting the job it will keep you motivated and feeling prepared to tackle any question thrown at you. Similarly, focus on your strengths. You are talented and valuable! That’s why you’re being invited for an interview, so go work it girl!


Be Accepting

It’s, of course, a good thing to set expectations but setting expectations too high isn’t such a good thing. Accepting the phrase “what will be will be” will give you more peace before, during, and after your interview. Keep in mind that there are hundreds of thousands of jobs and companies around the country and even if the role you interviewed for does not move forward, something else will bring you forward…the job you were destined to get!


Be Confident in Yourself

Feel confident that you are good enough. You are special and worthy of being accepted for any position in any company…believe that! Confidence shows.

Enjoy the interviewing process. It’s a fun way to meet new people, learn about new companies, and gain new experiences. Once one door closes, another one will surely open…the only question is: when? But don’t worry about the “when” – let the Universe take you where it may. You’ll land your dream job soon enough! How do you prepare for an interview?

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