Shopping Tips 8 Adorably Charming Things You Can Buy Pre-Loved ...


Shopping Tips 8 Adorably Charming Things You Can Buy Pre-Loved ...
Shopping Tips 8 Adorably Charming Things You Can Buy Pre-Loved ...

Shopping Tips for buying used items are definitely worth checking out and the more you know about the items you can buy used, the better chances you’ll have of investing your money into used things worth buying. That’s why I’ve decided to compile my own list of shopping tips for second hand shopping and point out all those wonderful things that deserve your attention! Interested to know more? Well, take a peek at these shopping tips and have fun visiting garage sales, swaps, thrift shops and street markets!

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Bags and Small Leather Goods

Vintage doctor bags, case folder clutches, tassel bags and especially quilted bags are a huge hit these days so instead of paying big bucks for a new, vintage-like bag whose label says “Made in P.R.C” and “100% PVC”, opt for a pre-loved genuine leather beauty you’ll be able to wear and tear for years to come. Vintage wallets, wide belts or rarely/never used cosmetic pouches/wristlets that can be worn as stylish clutches are also a nice, budget-friendly way to refresh your style and in case your bargain hunting turns into a serious obsession, you might even snag some fab vintage designer pieces before all those stylish thrift-savvy bloggers!


Gardening Tools

Gardening tools are usually sturdy enough to resist years and years of hard bullying which means that you can buy used tools and expect them to perform quite nicely. You should, however, be very careful when buying a lawn mower or a hedge trimmer and one of my shopping tips would be to ask for a 3-5 day guarantee. If the seller knows the item is broken, he’ll try to talk you into taking it with no questions asked while an honest trader will have no problem granting this short-time warranty.


Lightly Used Gym/Sports Equipment

You can always buy used weights, metal rods, sturdy benches and other fitness equipment that has no or very little chance of actually breaking. One of my best shopping tips in this field would be to shop garage sales as you have strong chances of finding relatively (or completely) new machines somebody bought but never really used. A professional bicycle is also one of the things on which you can save a lot on so ask somebody who knows a lot about bicycles to keep you company and start checking yard sales and street markets.



And I finally got to my favorite part – shopping tips for buying jewelry! Now, as you know, diamonds, other precious stones as well as silver and gold can never be bought, used and sold for the same price which means that buying a beautiful vintage engagement ring could help you save some cash. Get it professionally cleaned, polished and fitted and your girl will have a gorgeous bling that no other girl will have.


Baby Stroller

Ask your friends or relatives if they have a stroller you can buy or borrow and you’ll manage to save quite a bit! A good baby stroller doesn’t come cheap and is not something people like to keep after their baby starts walking which means getting a used one in great condition should be a relatively easy task. This is one of the shopping tips you’ll definitely want to remember so consider your options before you rush to buy a new baby stroller.



Okay, “used” isn’t a good term but you do understand my point. Why pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a champion’s pup when you can adopt a sweet little puppy for free (or a small fee – depending on a country)? Starting a business selling “good quality” puppies is one thing, getting a cuddly pet is another and, believe me, mixed puppies are usually much better pets.



Unless you have your mind set on a new bestseller and you want to be amongst the first ones to read it, buying new books is a waste of money! Great used books can be found literally everywhere these days and, if you’re lucky you might come across a valuable collector’s item or a copy of the book that had been pulled off the shelves years or decades ago. Even new bestsellers can be found used so check Amazon regularly or, in case you feel the book in question is not a keeper, swing by the public library and rent it. I know some might think these shopping tips are bad because it’s better to waste money on literature than on vanities and, yes I would have to say that I agree. But, if you can have your cake and eat it too or, in plain English, get your book and pay less than its retail price, why waste?



The last of my shopping tips will include all vehicles you should consider buying used such as cars, motor boats, camping vans/trailers and even yachts! Furthermore, if you want to buy a vehicle to use for recreational purposes, now would be the perfect time to start hunting bargains. Times are tough enough to cause even the richest people on planet to start saying “good bye” to their beloved “floating” houses and, although you may not be able afford a luxurious cruiser, you still might find a boat that’s like new but costs considerably less.

Use these shopping tips to determine whether a certain item is better bought new or used and have fun saving and hunting bargains! Tell me – do you have some of your own, tested and tried shopping tips which always help you save a bunch?

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