Shopping Tips 8 Lovely and Indispensable Things You Should Always Buy New ...


Shopping Tips 8 Lovely and Indispensable Things You Should Always Buy New ...
Shopping Tips 8 Lovely and Indispensable Things You Should Always Buy New ...

My Shopping Tips continue and, since I’ve used my previous post to give you a few shopping tips on buying pre-loved items, I’ll use this one to list all of the things you should buy new, even if that means turning your back on an amazing deal. Some things look much better with age, while others are best when bought new and, in order to know exactly which offers to turn down, check out my list of shopping things for buying new items!

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You’ve probably felt tempted to buy a pair of fabulous designer shoes that have been pre-loved and, by now, you’re maybe even regretting your decision to pass. Well…don’t, because shoes are one of the things you should always get new! Even a barely worn shoe can be stretched in all the wrong places, give you sore spots and cause all kinds of back problems and that’s only the half of the horror story. I don’t want to sound rude, posh or whatnot but are you really ready to stick your foot into something that’s been previously worn by a complete stranger? Eww!


Lap Tops

The whole point of a laptop is to use it on the go which is both an advantage and a disadvantage! They are like mobile phones – regardless of how much you baby them, they are bound to fall down and get a scratch or two in the end. Since a lap tops goes around and is very easy to get dropped, hit or damaged in any other way, even the most experienced thrifters agree this piece of tech is always better to buy new.


Protective Gear for Extreme Sports

Pay attention to these shopping tips, ladies and gents, because they might save your life! Do not, and I repeat – do not buy used bike or bicycle helmets, ropes, springs, safety buckles or other rope climbing/bungee jumping gear. Helmets are like shoes, the foam inside stretches and forms to fit the wearer and using something that doesn’t fit you perfectly will cause discomfort and maybe even some more serious injuries. Wearing a helmet that wasn’t my size almost got me killed, ladies and gents, and being here today is a matter of sheer luck!


Baby Car Seats

If you’ve read the shopping tips mentioned in my previous point, you certainly understand why buying a used baby seat is not an option. A baby seat is designed to keep the baby safe in the event of crash and needs to be replaced in case that situation occurs but since you have no way of telling whether or not the used baby seat you’re planning on buying has suffered a crash, risking it to save a couple of bucks would be toying with your child’s life.



Eeek! Do you really want to sleep on somebody’s old mattress? You see, although buying old furniture and home décor are actually good and useful shopping tips, they do come with a catch – mattresses are not included! Just think about it – other people have slept on it, sweated on it and did all kinds of stuff on it for god knows how long, plus there’s always the issue of bed bugs! Now, that’s gives the term “sleeping buddy” a whole different meaning! In fact, when buying a used mattres you’re also buying colonies of sleeping buddies to keep you company. LOL!


DVD Players

Most people don’t know DVD players and other “optic” devices do have an expiration date and they would gladly buy a “dying” player thinking they’ve made a good deal. Well, since my parents are in the computer business, I do have a few specific shopping tips for you today – don’t buy used CD or DVD players even if a seller can provide you with a receipt that guarantees the device had been bought less than a year ago. Why? Because the receipt alone can’t tell you whether the seller had been (ab)using it every day which is pretty much the only thing that determines how much “life” is left in it.


Bathing Suit

Buying used bathing suit is even worse than buying used underwear and you should never, under no circumstances buy a piece of swimwear without its protective stickers. Bikini is a sensitive garment that can’t be machine washed which means you won’t buy a bikini only but all of the stranger’s germs as well. Would you believe if I told you that my bikini bottom had been stolen from my locker some years ago? I seriously couldn’t believe it! A bikini BOTTOM!


Make up

Whether it’s a swap party you and your friends organize every 6 months, garage/ street sale, online auction or a sample sale – never but never allow yourself to buy makeup that’s been used! Makeup and makeup tools are something you shouldn’t share with anybody and that, my ladies, also includes your sister, mom, and a best friend. Shopping sales, collecting coupons, asking for samples and buying 2in1 or 3in1 products is actually a much better way to get everything you need without breaking a limited budget.

Hope these shopping tips will help you have a successful shopping and help you to avoid frauds as well as pre-loved items that could put your good health in jeopardy! Tell me- did reading these shopping tips made you see your shopping mistakes?

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