10 Easy Ways to save Money in College ...


10 Easy Ways to save Money in College ...
10 Easy Ways to save Money in College ...

Being a college student is arguably one of the best times of your life, but it is only a great experience if you aren’t struggling financially for the entire time! You want to party and enjoy that liberating middle ground of still being young but having freedom and independence, but at the same time, you need to be wary of things like overspending and making mistakes that get you into money trouble halfway through a degree! Here are ten easy ways to save money in college.

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Campus Store Watch

Watch out for the prices of things at the campus store if you happen to have one. Their prices tend to be higher than stores that are further away simple for the fact that they are close and can take a chance on students not wanting to travel further for lower prices.



It’s obvious, but make sure to set yourself a budget. Divide your finances out by the week or the month and you will see how much you have left over after the essentials. You can then make the decision to save some and also treat yourself.


Bring Coffee

Pack a thermos in your bag and take your own coffee in to class with you. Think about how much money you would save over a year if you didn’t go in to Starbucks every single day!


Food Markdowns

There is one aisle in every supermarket that is filled with discounted items that are going out of date that day. You can make huge savings if you make the effort to buy your dinner on the day every day.


Student Discount

Do your research about which places around you offer student discount, and then make the most of that discount! Why would you pay full price for something when you know that you can get it for 15% off at a place further down the street?


Use What You Have

I know the gym in town might have better facilities, but if you have access to a campus one for free, then be smart and use that instead. You can save so much by taking advantage of campus establishments. Also, workout in your dorm room using things you already own and YouTube videos.


Used Textbooks

Never buy a new textbook if you can avoid it. You will find plenty of websites that have preowned versions of what you need for your courses, and you might benefit from some notes left in there by old students!



If you live in a college town that isn’t too spaced out, try to walk to as many places as you can rather than getting a cab or public transport. It’s extra exercise and leaves more money in your pocket.


Group Discounts

If you are in a big friendship group at college, then make the most of group discounts that are available at lots of different places. There are plenty of deals to be had if you know where to look!


Student Plans

Did you know that you can take advantage of student plans for things like dentists and doctors? Make sure to sign up for as many different schemes as you can to cut care costs if you ever need them.

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