How to Make Savings on Your Daily Expenses ...


How to Make Savings on Your Daily Expenses ...
How to Make Savings on Your Daily Expenses ...

When it comes to saving money, it’s fair to say that most people concentrate on the big things like putting a portion of your salary in to a savings account every month and other big financial moves. However, I happen to think that you can do yourself a lot more personal good by executing and abiding by smaller rules that apply to your every day spending instead. Here are some simple suggestions for how to make savings on your daily expenses that can have a huge positive impact on your overall finances!

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Eating out

You don’t need to go to restaurants when you could be cooking your own dishes at home for about a third of the cost. Eating out is a luxury that you shouldn’t be indulging in more than once or so a month when you are trying to save money.


Bottled Water

Make a one time purchase of a reusable bottle and carry around your own hydration from home rather than buying a bottle or two every day to quench your thirst.



Cut out soda from your diet. It’s not good for you in the first place, and it costs something when water from your tap doesn’t!



Make the most of a reusable coffee cup and bring your own on your commute to work. It saves so much money compared to making a trip to Starbucks every single morning.



If you are serious about saving money and making your future more stable, then you are going to have to put the vacations on hold for a few years. This short term sacrifice can make a really big long term difference.



Take some time to sit down and look through all of the subscriptions that you have attached to your credit card. Do you really need two music services or three different video streaming services? It’s time to streamline this and leave only the essentials.



If you like a drink every now and then, it makes most financial sense to have that drink at home rather than at an overpriced bar. You get much more for your money if you put together a nicely stocked bar from supermarket bottles.



Think about how much you go to the movies, shows and concerts. This might be an area where you can make savings by cutting back on how much you treat yourself to this kind of entertainment.



This might come as a shock, but you don’t actually need to go to the gym to work out! Put together a great at home exercise regime instead and you can save so much money per month.


Extra Food Items

Make a list of just essentials before you head to the supermarket, and make the conscious effort not to stray from that list and add any extra items to your basket as you go along.



Consider whether you are getting the most out of your cable TV subscription. You might be better off with something like a Chromecast or a Firestick for not extra monthly cost.


Home Phone

Do you really need a home phone number in 2018? Surely everyone who wants to get in touch with you does so via your cell?



Cut back on the amount of new clothing that you buy, and instead work on recycling old items in your closet to make new looks.



Don’t make as many trips to the salon to get your hair and nails done, you are adept enough to be able to do these things at home. You will still look beautiful and you will have much more money in your pocket!

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