Why Students Should Consider Starting Their Own Business ...


More and more savvy students are reaping the rewards – plenty of them financial - from small startups on the side, while they bash away at the books at college and university. There are so many talented and vivacious students out there that are just too scared or don’t have enough information about starting their own business that they don’t even try. But being your own boss isn’t as scary as you might think. There are some excellent reasons why you should go out there and spend your beer drinking time doing something spectacular. Here's why students should consider starting their own business.

1. Flexibility

During your studies, you are at a time when you have the most flexible schedule than you will ever probably have in your life. You don’t yet have serious financial commitments, a mortgage, family responsibilities and that kind of thing yet – so your time and your money are your own.

Working smarter, and not necessarily harder, will be able to get you to where you want to go without having to put in the 9-5 slog of the corporate world. Smartphones and social media platforms mean that you can stay in touch with the game while not having to sacrifice any class time; which makes it the perfect time to start getting your business off the ground.

Take Control of Your Future