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Ways Losing Your Job Will Be Powerful ...

By Brittany

If you've just lost your job, remember that there are many ways losing your job can be powerful. Take my word for it! After working since the age of 16 and through school, I recently lost a job through a company going out of business. Though a shock a first, I've realized the many benefits and beautiful things that have come with being forced to move forward and grow without the security blanket of a stable schedule and paycheck. So before you think you're just down on your luck, change your perspective and remember the many ways losing your job can be powerful.

1 Time

One of the first ways losing your job can be powerful is the newfound sense of time that you'll have! Without having to be somewhere every single day, you'll find new ways to spend your time. Maybe you'll finally clean out that closet or plan that vacation you've been dreaming of. Whatever it is, you'll do it! You'll also see how you choose to spend your time and be able to evaluate what really is most important to you in life.

2 Questions

You'll also start asking yourself tons of questions, both about your current situation and the future. Can I still live where I'm living? What do I want to do? What's the next step? How do I get there? These questions are at times mind-boggling, but they're very helpful in making you become the person you are. Sometimes, deep questions--and life-changing questions--force you to see what you'll prioritize, what you really want and how you can actually make it happen. Asking yourself these questions when a career or job are not in the way allow for a huge shift in perception. Think of what really comes of these questions as your true self.

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3 Less Income

If you're out of the job for a bit of time, you'll start to adjust to less income. You're probably thinking: bad, bad! What good could come from this? Well, having less income, again, shifts your perspective. You'll not only find smart ways to save, but you'll really feel what it's like to only be able to pay for what's necessary. You'll also be able to see if that gym membership is really more important than eating healthy, or if that apartment is worth every penny.

4 Reality

The reality of losing your job could have always been looming over you as something that may or may not happen to you, but it happens to most of us at some point in our lives. This new reality is daunting and makes you extremely self-aware. Embrace it! Embrace what you've lost from the job, and then embrace what you're gaining. And look ahead to the future!

5 Re-Focus

Losing your job forces you to re-focus your life and day-to-day perspective. Maybe things you'd always wanted to do--like get in shape or relax more--are now available to you! Maybe you really don't know what to do with your life without a job... This is okay! In fact, it's great. It'll force you to find yourself amidst all the changes.

6 People

It's been said that when big changes happen in your life, you'll see who your real friends are. When you lose your job, you probably won't be able to go out every Friday, or hit up happy hour after "work hours." You'll be able to see who your real friends are while you transition this huge change! Who supports you, brings you up and believes in you? Look for those who make you feel positive and stay by your side--in a good way!

7 Future

So losing your job put a halt on your life, but look at what it may bring for the future. Maybe for you it'll be that push to finally move to another city, or look into a career change. Losing your job sets you up for a new kind of future, that probably could not have happened if you hadn't lost your job. Take some time, adjust and figure out what you really want to do next!

Of course, don't try to put yourself in a situation where you will lose your job, but if it happens to you, stay positive! How have you turned this sour situation up? Do tell!

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