7 Things You've Probably Done at Work but Are Ashamed to Admit It ...


There are some things you've probably done at work but you're ashamed to admit it. We spend a lot of our time at work so it's no wonder that we can sometimes be driven to do things which can be deemed less than professional. Some may be more controversial than others but when people are thrown together in a work place, it can be a minestrone pot of different characters and personalities, just waiting to boil over. Here are some things you've probably done at work but that you won't share with anyone other than your nearest and dearest, just so you can share the burden.

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Work Crush

A work crush is mandatory - almost a rite of passage some might say. How many of you have had a work crush at some point in your life? Sometimes it's a crush on someone you find strangely alluring for some reason and who may not be considered conventionally attractive. Sometimes it may be on someone you know you should steer clear of and in no way am I making light of extra marital/relationship crushes or indeed condoning them but sometimes, when you spend a lot of time at work, a crush may develop and it's how far you take it that counts. Will it remain someone you just admire from afar if you're already attached, or is it someone you envision yourself driving to work with every day and sharing tales and gossip about office colleagues? This is one of the things you've probably done at work but are ashamed to admit to it.


Work Fling

So, you have a crush and this has developed into a work fling. But no one knows about it because you were super discrete and you're convinced that that one time you got a little bit tipsy and had your wicked way with the copy boy at the work Christmas party, is just a one time thing that will be forgotten about in no time. Chances are though, someone does know about it. As Ross from F.R.I.E.N.D.S said "You don't dip your pen in the company ink!" Well said Ross.


The Food (and Pen) Thief

There is always a food or drink thief in the workplace; someone who is guilty of succumbing to temptation or indulging in a spot of kitchen kleptomania. No matter how much you label your food, they will take it. It's almost as though they actively seek out the labelled food for the extra thrill. Maybe you haven't been a recurrent offender but someone who saw something in the kitchen that caught their eye and was ravenous at the time. It's not just food that becomes the temptation of the nimble fingered in the workplace though. Who's going to miss a couple of pens? Or a pack of post-its? And couldn't you really do with a stapler at home? Whose going to miss it? After all, the company makes millions! The truth is, business loses over fifty billion dollars a year as a result of the theft of office supplies. No wonder many are now keeping it under lock and key.


Early Finish

So, when the boss is away, the minions may sometimes finish work early! Or maybe the boss IS around and you've sneaked off. And why not? You've worked hard and you deserve the right to leave a little earlier. Maybe you've taken that sneaky extra half hour at lunch even though you know you shouldn't have. Feels good doesn't it!


Sick Day

So, you're tired and you've had a tough few days or a rough weekend and all you want to do is curl up under your duvet for another twelve hours. So you practice your best "I'm-so-sick-and-I-can't-make-it-into-work" voice, ring work and convince them that you're just too poorly to make it in. Just make sure that if you're leaving a message, you remember to hang up before you breathe a sigh of relief and start talking in your normal voice, celebrating the fact you will be spending the day in your onesie!


The Copier is NOT Made for That

Ok, so how many of you have copied your butt cheeks and anonymously stuck it in your boss's in-tray? Come on, own up! This is something you see mostly in the movies and I've never heard of anyone actually doing it in real life, but maybe I have lived a sheltered existence and you're one of the real-life butt-cheek copiers!


Bitching about the Boss

Maybe you're guilty of the most common office pastime - bitching about the boss. And don't feel guilty. You can't take the position of Big Boss and not expect to be bitched about; it comes with the territory, along with the healthy pay packet! Most of us have had a whinge and a moan about the person at the top, sitting in their 'ivory tower' with no idea about what the 'troops' have to do on the front line!

These are just a few things that you may have done at work but that you're ashamed to admit. Or maybe you're not ashamed and would like to share your past office misdemeanors? We're all friends here on AWS and we certainly don't judge....OK, maybe just a little!

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Haha. I've done all of these

Hahaha it is true.

Guilty as charged...

Work crushes though...

lol I've done all of these, well except #6

Queen of 1 and 2

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