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7 Things Your Boss Doesn't Need to Know ...

By Valencia

You might have a good relationship with your boss, but there are things your boss doesn't need to know. Nowadays, getting and keeping a job is challenging. Some people feel that they're good workers. And they’re often confused when they receive pink slips while other employees keep their jobs. There are several reasons why one person loses their job while another keeps their's. There's no way to protect your position; but if you keep a few things to yourself, you might reduce your risk of problems with your employer. Here are seven things your boss doesn't need to know.

1 How You Spend Your Free Time

How you spend your free time is your business, thus it’s one of several things your boss doesn't need to know. Even if your employer is cool and down to earth, he or she may not appreciate hearing about questionable weekend escapades. Keep conversations at work professional, and don't reveal too much about how you spend your free time. To stop your boss from secretly checking up on you, check your social media settings to make sure that your name cannot be found in a search.

2 Spouse’s Income

Not that you would voluntarily share your spouse’s income at work however, if the topic comes up among your coworkers, do not spill the beans about your spouse’s position or salary. If your boss learns that your spouse earns a lot of money, this might influence his or her decision if the company has to lay off workers. If you're doing well financially, yet it's known that another employee is struggling, your boss might lay you off assuming that you'll land on your feet.

3 Your Side Gigs

If you work a part-time job or freelance on the side, these are other things that your boss doesn't need to know. Again, the fact that you have a second income source might influence decisions if the company has to hand out pink slips.

4 Political Views

Whether you're a Republican or a Democrat, it's really no one’s business. And while everyone is entitled to his or her own political views, if your opinion doesn't match the majority, this might create an unfair disadvantage in the workplace. Therefore, it’s best to stay quiet and keep these views to yourself.

5 You’re Looking for Other Opportunities

If you're looking around and applying for other jobs, do not tell your boss or your coworkers. There's a chance that you may not find what you're looking for. And if you jump the gun and notify your employer that you're checking around and exploring other companies, this could stop a promotion that might be coming down the pipeline. If your employer believes that you're about to leave, he may recommend others for promotions and opportunities.

6 Health Problems

Some health problems cannot be hidden. But for those that can, keep this information to yourself. Knowing that you suffer from a chronic condition may influence your superior’s decision when the time comes to offer promotions. With knowledge of your health, your boss may conclude that you're not physically able to handle a certain type of position.

7 You’re Going Back to School

Unless you're getting an advanced degree to further your career within the company, there's no reason to tell your boss about your decision to go back to school, especially if you’re planning to use your degree in a completely different field. It might take several years before you have the credentials to seek a new company. And if your boss learns of your future plans prematurely, you could potentially miss out on opportunities.

Your boss might be the coolest guy or gal around, but at the end of the day, this is your employer and what you say can sway decisions about you. What are other things that your boss doesn't need to know

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