7 Words You Should Never Use at a Job Interview ...

By Corina

7 Words You Should Never Use at a Job Interview ...

There are a few words you shouldn’t use at a job interview. Why? You don't want to kill your chances of getting that job. Certain words should be banished from your vocabulary during your job search to avoid damaging your chances of getting hired. Today’s job market is highly competitive and job interviews are really tough and that’s why it’s very important to prepare yourself very well before going to that interview. First impressions count, so do your homework and impress your interviewers. Here are 7 words you shouldn’t use at a job interview if you want to up the odds of getting a job offer.

1 Um…

This is one of the most important words you shouldn’t use at a job interview if you want to impress your potential future bosses. Most of us are completely unaware of how much we use it. This little word can really ruin your job interview since it can make you look less polished. One the best ways to remove this filler from your vocabulary is by asking your friends and family to help you. You can even offer to pay them $1 every time they notice that you are using this word.

2 Kinda

This is another word that you should erase from your vocabulary when you are going to a job interview. You will seem vague, unprepared and it will make you sound like a teenager. Just try to replace kinda with yes or no, because it will make you seem more mature and more confident.

3 Hate

Nobody likes a hater and most hiring managers are looking for people who will fit in well in a group environment and who will cooperate with their colleagues. Just don’t aim this word at anyone or anything during your job interview and this includes things you don’t like to do, people you are not too fond of, especially your old bosses.

4 I Don’t Know

You should never use these words during a job interview because this phrase shows lack of confidence and laziness. Even if you don’t know the answer to the question the interviewers asked you, try to come up with an answer, even if it’s not the best answer you could have given them. It’s important to be well-prepared for a job interview, so do your homework first and make a good impression.

5 What?

This is a word you should never say at a job interview because it will make you seem like you are not paying attention to what the interviewers are telling you or that you didn’t prepare for that interview. For example, instead of asking them “What is the best part of this job?” try saying “Can you tell me more about what I’d accomplish in this position?”.

6 Sorry

Don’t apologize during a job interview. No recruiter wants to hear phrases like: “Sorry I am late” or “Sorry I forgot my resume”. Try to get there on time, be prepared, do your homework and try not to have things to apologize for when you are going to a job interview. Be confident, have faith in your abilities and impress your potential employers!

7 Try

Saying “try” when you are at a job interview will make you seem vague and non-committal and you will also give your potential employer a reason to question your response. Just replace this word with “I will” because you will seem much more confident, trustworthy and more determined.

Job interviews are never easy but if you follow a few simple rules, you will manage to get the job of your dreams without too much effort. Do you know any other words someone shouldn’t use at a job interview? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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