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If you got an interview for that wonderful job that you want so much, you should know that there are quite a few questions to avoid during a job interview, if you want to make a good impression on your potential employer. Towards the end of an interview, almost every employer will ask if you have any questions for them. If you want to succeed in getting the job, you should put just as much thought into asking questions as you do into answering the interviewer’s questions. Each question that you ask your potential employer can reflect your knowledge of that company, your work ethic and your interest in the position. So take the time to come up with thoughtful questions for each interview that you go to. Here are 7 questions to avoid during a job interview:

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Can You Tell Me More about the Company?

This is definitely one of the questions to avoid during a job interview. Before any interview, the first thing that a candidate should do is to research to learn as much as they can about that company’s profile, their clients and their competition. If you ask this question, the hiring manger will know that you didn’t do your homework for the interview and coming into an interview unprepared leaves the impression that you don’t really care about the position.


How Much Does the Position Pay?

Employers want to know that you have a genuine interest for the position and that you are not there just to get a paycheck. You should save your questions about the salary for when a job offer is made to you. Try not to ask about additional perks or benefits during an interview (especially if it’s the first interview); wait for the hiring manager to bring up this discussion first.


Did I Get the Job?

This question will make you seem impatient and it usually puts employers on the spot, something that might make them feel uncomfortable. Instead, try asking more information on the next step in the hiring process, like if they do multiple rounds of interviews with job candidates.


How Long Would I Have to Wait to Get Promoted?

Avoid asking this question during a job interview because it implies that you are not really interested in the position and that you simply want to move on to something better. Instead, you could ask your potential employer about the opportunities for growth that are available at the company.


How Many Hours Will I Be Expected to Work Each Week?

Questions about doing extra work or about hours usually imply that you are hoping to work as little as possible, that you are inflexible and that you are not willing to stay a bit longer at work to finish your tasks. Instead, try asking something like “What is a typical workday like?” because their answer will give you some insight into expected work hours.


How Much Vacation Time Would I Receive?

Try not to ask either when can you take time off for vacation because asking about vacation before getting a job offer implies that you don’t really care about that company and that you will not be a fully committed employee.


I Don’t Have Any Questions for You

During an interview, try not to tell your potential employer that you don’t have any questions for them because it shows lack of interest or understanding. Also, it can imply that you are desperate to get a job and no employer would hire someone who would take any job just to get a check.

Try to think of a job interview as an opportunity to find out more about the company and the position so you will know if it suits your needs and if it’s a dream job that you want so much.

Do you know any other questions to avoid during a job interview? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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I know what to avoid, but what are good questions to ask???

agreed maybe you should do a follow up article on what questions are appropriate to ask. Good article though!

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