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There are several bad money moves to make on the first date, and if you want to guarantee a second date, you need to avoid these. First dates can be awkward, and if you don't know the person well, it can be difficult to hold a continuous conversation. But oftentimes, you can recover from first date awkward – as long as you avoid a few bad money moves.

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Going Dutch

Asking your date to go Dutch is one of several bad money moves. Whether you're a guy or girl, it's customary for the person doing the asking to pay for the date. Therefore, you need to choose a location that's within your budget. It might be an inexpensive restaurant, free events in the city or a matinee movie.


Using a Coupon

This bad money move is debatable. Personally, I think it's okay to use a coupon on a first date, as long as it's done right. But many people and experts disagree with my viewpoint. As a precaution, if you really like someone and you want to make a good first impression, save the coupon for the third, fourth or fifth date.


Bragging about Your Income

If you don't have much to talk about on the first date, you might casually slip in information related to your job. Talking about your work is okay, but don't bring up numbers. This can come off as showy and it might turn off your date.


Don't Ask about Your Date's Income

Likewise, don't inquire about your date's income. Eventually you may have this discussion, but a first date is too soon. Besides, if you ask about your date's income you're likely to get a "none of your business" look. And if you're a girl asking about a guy's income, he might immediately think you're a golddigger or looking to get something from him.


Don't Ask about Your Date's Credit

I think it's important for couples to discuss credit as a relationship progresses. However, the first date isn't the time to ask about your date's credit score -- especially since it's too early to know whether there will be a second date. Again, it's too soon. These discussions should be reserved until you know the relationship is progressing.


Overspending to Impress

Understandably, you want to impress your date. You might pick an expensive restaurant or choose other costly activities in your city. But if you overspend on a first date, you might have difficulty paying bills the rest of the month. Be reasonable. Impress your date with your personality, not your wallet.


Asking for Something

This is an absolutely no-no on the first date. If your date buys dinner and takes you to a movie, that's great. However, this isn't the time or place to ask for anything extra. For example, let's say you're walking through the mall until a movie starts. Don't ask your date to buy you something. If he offers, okay - but don't ask. You'll put him in an awkward position and this might shape his opinion of you.

First dates can be intimidating and awkward. But there are ways to have a fantastic evening, which practically guarantees a second date. What other money topics should be avoided on a first date?

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