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7 of the Worst Things to Buy Used ...

By Valencia

What are the worst things to buy used? If you don't know, you've come to the right place. Buying secondhand can save money. And if you're short on cash or have a large family, going to thrift shops and yard sales is an excellent way to stretch your dollars. But although you're able to find good buys at secondhand stores, you shouldn't buy everything. Here are seven of the worst things to buy used.

1 Mattresses

A mattress is one of the worst things to buy used. Even if your neighbor puts a mattress on the corner and it looks to be in good condition, there's no way to truly know the condition of this piece of furniture. The item could be crawling with bedbugs, and even if it's bug free, it contains pounds of bodily fluids like sweat. You might be able to get a mattress free off the street, but it's best to buy new.

2 Shoes

Thrift stores have an entire section dedicated to shoes. But buying shoe secondhand can be a pain in the neck. For starters, it will be difficult to find a shoe that molds to your feet. Improper fitting footwear is proven to cause a variety of problems with the joints and ligaments of the feet. Sure, you might save a lot of money, but you shouldn't take a chance with your feet.

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3 Makeup

Maybe your friend has lipstick or foundation that she doesn't want anymore. It might be tempting to take these items off her hand, but using someone else's makeup makes you susceptible to infections. Makeup contains bacteria and germs. Putting someone else's germs on your face may not end well.

4 Laptop

After knowing someone who purchased a used laptop, I promised never to do this. It was a good price, but getting the laptop to work properly ended up costing more than the price. The truth is, the average laptop only has a lifespan of 3 to 4 years, and if you waste money buying used, there's a chance that you’ll need to replace the device soon thereafter or spend money upgrading.

5 Other Electronics

The things you shouldn't buy used aren't limited to laptops, but also include other electronics, such as cell phones and televisions. Again, you won't know the true condition of an item until you bring it home. And when you buy secondhand, returns aren't always an option. If you buy used electronics, purchase a refurbished item through a manufacturer.

6 Swimwear

You might stumble upon a cute bathing suit at Goodwill, but think twice before buying this item and putting it against your body. Some people argue that used swimwear is okay if you wash the garment in hot water, and this may be true. But this is a personal garment that should only be worn by the person who made the original purchase.

7 Underwear

This is a no-brainer – I hope. Like swimwear, underwear is a personal garment that should not be purchased used or shared with anyone. And since you can buy a cheap pack of underwear for like $5, there's really no reason to buy used.

If you're buying home decor, certain furniture pieces and children's toys, used is the way to go. But with regard to other items, it's safer to go new. What are other things you shouldn't buy used?

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