8 Things Debt Collectors Can't do ...


Did you know that as well as having a code of practice, there are things debt collectors can’t do – legally. When you are behind on your monthly payments, nothing is more frustrating than the endless calls from debt collectors harassing you for payment. Even when the reasons for late payment are beyond your control, the phone calls never seem to stop. The embarrassment can feel crushing, especially when you would pay them if you could. While you’re getting back on your feet, it is important to understand that the behavior of the bill collectors does have limits. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act was passed into law to stop debt collectors from going too far, and to establish a list of things debt collectors can’t do.

1. Repeated Calling

One of the things debt collectors can’t do is to call you over and over endlessly. Of course they are permitted to call you, but calling again and again until you pick up is not allowed. This is considered harassment.

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