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Even in today’s age of the ever-present credit and debit card, there are still solid reasons to carry cash with you. Many people argue that when they carry cash, they are easily tempted to spend it, but in reality the opposite is true! It’s easier to swipe a card than to physically hand cash over and see it leave your wallet. If you’re interested in seeing my other reasons to carry cash, read on, because I’ve got some good ones for you!

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Having a little back-up plan in case the unexpected happens is one of the best reasons to carry cash! No one likes to plan for difficulties, but the truth is, they do happen. Your card may be unexpectedly frozen or blocked, or you may lose it at the most inopportune time, or even forget it at home. If you have cash on you, you won’t be worried!


Can’t Use Your Card

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to use your card and discovering that the last deposit you made hasn’t quite cleared yet. Or maybe the place doesn’t accept cards and there are no ATMs for miles. For the untimely incidents such as these, having a bit of cash on hand will help you save stress, worries, time, and, of course, face!


Spending Control

As mentioned before, cash is actually harder to part with than using a card, even though you are letting go of money either way. By carrying cash, you have an automatic spending control. This works two ways, because once your cash is gone, it’s gone! Because of that, you will be more apt to thoroughly consider purchases and ask yourself if you really need it before buying. With a card, it’s easy to spend and spend without a second thought.


Tolls or Vending Machines

Ever been stuck at a tollbooth digging for change in the bottom of your bag because you had no cash on hand? Don’t be the person who holds up the line! Get on with your day, and let others get on with theirs by carrying cash for moments like this. Vending machines can also be a pain, as most don’t accept cards yet. Having cash ensures you don’t die of thirst in that waiting room!


Getting Good Deals

One of my favorite things about carrying cash is that you can get such good deals! Especially when you are directly working with the seller of an item, or even a small, local business. If the seller knows you have the amount in cash, right on hand, they may be more likely to cut you a good deal or come down a hair on their price. Never hurts to ask!


No Need to Bum

No one likes being that friend who asks to borrow five or ten bucks, even if you do pay it back. When you’re out and about, hanging with friends, it’s nice if you have a bit of cash on hand to pitch in for the bill or a birthday gift for your co-worker. Spare yourself a little embarrassment and carry a little extra spending money with you when you can!



Here is perhaps my favorite reason for carrying cash. If your bag or wallet is lost or stolen, you needn’t worry about canceling credit cards! No, it’s not fun being out in the amount of cash you had in your bag, but if you don’t carry large amounts, it won’t be as big of a loss compared to what it could be if a thief got hold of your personal bank info.

What do you think of my reasons for carrying cash? I’ve found that it’s better to have cash on hand and not need it, than to need it and not have it! I don’t think cash will ever be completely wiped out of our system, regardless of how many places accept plastic. What is your opinion on carrying cash? Please, comment with your thoughts!

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Card rewards arent that great and cash benefits the small local bussineses keeping prices down by not haveing to pay the big banks. (Sorry, not native English speaker)

I always carry cash for these very reasons

Okay, this is not very helpful to me.

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